Woman Gives Birth To Nine Babies – Two More Than Expected

Woman Gives Birth To Nine Babies – Two More Than Expected 1

Birth of nonuplets is an extremely rare case that has been recently confirmed in one of the African nations. A 25 years old Halima Cisse from Mali, which is the poorest country in north of West Africa, was predicted to have been carrying 7 babies (septuplets) after multiple ultrasounds. Her pregnancy caught the attention of the leaders of the West African nation. Considering the critical situation in mind, authorities recommended 25 weeks pregnant woman to Morocco for specialist care on March 30, where she astonished everyone by giving birth to 9 babies (5 girls and 4 boys) by caesarean section at 30 weeks. The catching point is that ultrasound scans in Malo and Morocco earlier confirmed delivery of 7 babies, missed entirely 2 siblings.

Her delivery was accompanied by 10 doctors and 25 paramedics who assisted in the operation. She suffered heavy bleeding during her delivery but is now reported in good health.

Mali’s health minister Fanta Siby, reported the return of mother and all children in several months as according to doctors in Morocco, premature siblings are expected to be in incubator for 2-3 months. The weight of each new-born is between 500 grams and 1 kilogram.

Bearing nonuplets is considered a rare occurrence. Such deliveries can cause medical complications to mother and her children and survival of all babies may not reach to full term.


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