Why Being A First Time Mom Is Hard

Why Being A First Time Mom Is Hard 1

Why Being A First Time Mom Is Hard

Giving birth is no easy feat. Being a mother is an exciting time for many, especially first-time moms. Social media will have to believe that it is all about cute pictures, and fun times. But that is far from the truth. 

In reality, becoming a mother can be hard and scary for the first time because of the constant changes to your body, the varying hormone levels, and hundreds of other things. Not only is there a lot of physical stress on your body from the puking, nausea, body pains, and more, but there is also a lot of mental and emotional stress as well. You are essentially stepping into a new world, and bringing a new human into this world, which can be very hard and intimidating. 

Today, we are taking a look at a few things that make being a first-time mother even harder! 

#1 You’re tired all the time

breastfeeding exhausted mom

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Taking care of a little baby is a full-time job. You have to constantly look out for them, make sure it is fed and not crying, change diapers and keep them entertained. The baby can wake up and start crying at any time and you have to be ready for it. This can be very tiresome and you will end up feeling very tired most of the time. It is important that you make time for yourself to get proper rest to recover and stay healthy. 

#2 Too many surprises

baby after cleaning

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From breastfeeding to baby anxiety, being a new mother comes with a lot of feelings, emotions, and sensations that are unlike anything you have ever experienced before. During this time your body and your baby’s body both can surprise you in more ways than you can imagine.  Your little one is going to keep you amused and busy at any and every time. But with experience and time, you will learn to get used to all these new things and before you know it, they will be of second nature to you.

#3 You have no idea what you’re doing

mom worrying about baby

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You may often find yourself confused and thinking that you don’t know what you are doing.  You aren’t alone in feeling this way as many new mothers experience this. Being a mom for the first time is stepping into a whole new world which can be very intimidating and overwhelming. Start by taking things one step at a time. There is more than enough help and advice available to guide you through anything. Deep breaths and take it slowly. 

#4 Other Moms make it look so easy! 

other moms vs me

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Looking at other moms can make you doubt yourself. It can even make you think things such as you are inadequate or not good, but you mustn’t forget that everyone is different. What you see online or from outside is just a part of the story and almost every mother experiences the same issues. Comparing yourself to other moms is never a good idea. Just do what is right for you and your baby and soon enough, you will get the hang of it.

#5 Everything is a baby apocalypse

Baby Crying At Night

Your newborn will also go through a lot of experiences. It will have its first cold, fall down, get sick, and a slew of other things. And, since this is your first child, every time he or she falls ill, it will feel like the end of the world. Even a small rash or scratch would lead you to seemingly the most outrageous thoughts. This again isn’t uncommon. Mothers tend to experience this a lot with the firstborns, but with time you realize that it is completely normal for these things to happen and you learn to live with it, one by one.

#6 You are sure that every little thing will last forever

baby pulling mom hair

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Another common feeling that many first-time moms experience is the feeling of everything lasting forever. From the constant crying noises of your child at 3 am, to the hourly diaper changes. It may seem like this is all there is to your life now and there is no looking past this. All your time and everything forever is going to be spent taking care of this baby.

#7 You don’t know how to filter advice

grandma with baby and daughter

Like we said there is more than enough help and advice available out there. But sometimes this advice can also get overwhelming as you don’t know who or what to trust. There are countless sources of information just one touch away and there are all sorts of people who have a lot of things to say, all of this can be incredibly confusing. Filtering out the bad or unneeded advice may be difficult but don’t let that dishearten you. Always only follow your doctor’s advice and when in doubt, it’s okay to rely on your gut feeling and maternal instinct.

#8 You may not know who you are anymore

mom sleeping in kitchen with baby

Being a mother comes with not only physical and lifestyle changes, but also mental changes. Many first-time mothers have experienced depression, anxiety, and other mental health-related issues. Being a first-time mother is no easy task, and it can take a toll on your mental health.

It is important that you keep these thoughts in check and seek help whenever needed. Just like you need to constantly take care of a new baby, you also need to constantly take care of the new mother. 


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