What Things Your Baby Is Wanting To Talk To You

What Things Your Baby Is Wanting To Talk To You 1

What Things Your Baby Is Wanting To Talk To Youย 

Normally, when parents see their children โ€œflapping their arms and legsโ€, frowning, etc., you consider it a normal reflex of young children. But in fact, that โ€œflapping arms and legsโ€ is not simply an unconscious action that contains the messages and emotional signals that the baby wants to convey to his or her parents. Because babies canโ€™t express it in words, they only know how to use actions to describe it.ย  Letโ€™s learn about the messages that the baby wants to say through the babyโ€™s expressions and actions.

What Things Your Baby Is Wanting To Talk To You 2

He lets you know when heโ€™s hungry and when heโ€™s had enough to eat. He tells you how he prefers to be held and how much he likes (or doesnโ€™t like) to be rocked as he drifts off to sleep. You get to know the ups and downs of his day, his favourite toys and soon.

Iโ€™m hungry!

What Things Your Baby Is Wanting To Talk To You 3

โ€œA hungry newborn might smack his lips or make little sucking movements in his sleep. If mom doesnโ€™t pick him up, heโ€™ll start to mouth his little hands. If mom still doesnโ€™t notice, heโ€™ll start to wiggle and root around looking for a nipple and if that doesnโ€™t work, the baby will start to cry.โ€ Crying is a late sign of hunger.

From about a month on, an observant parent will begin to recognize an escalating pattern of hunger cues. Soon his movements become more frantic and he will look upset. Then heโ€™ll start to fret and finally cry.

Iโ€™m full!

Thereโ€™s nothing to compare to the sight of a blissed-out baby. A baby whoโ€™s had her fill will let go of the breast and perhaps look up at her mom and smile. Full, happy and content with her life, she might put her face on the breast and go to sleep.

Hold me close/Give me a break.
What Things Your Baby Is Wanting To Talk To You 4

Very young babies can become overwhelmed and overstimulated by noises, sights, even eye-to-eye contact with Mom or Dad. The baby might look away, yawn or hiccup โ€” these signs are:ย  OK, I need a little break.โ€™โ€ When your baby shows โ€œI need a restโ€ signs, you should looking away for a minute or putting the baby on your shoulder where he can snuggle, so that your baby doesnโ€™t become overstimulated.

Hold me!


Your baby needs time in your loving arms. They were want in hugging. How does she tell you? Sheโ€™ll probably seem unhappy and unsettled. She might make little grouchy faces and whining sounds, like sheโ€™s complaining, โ€˜Iโ€™m just not happy. Iโ€™m just not comfortable.ย  Those are times when she needs to be held, rocked or walked around.

Look at that!

When babies stare at their hands, your face, that pretty mobile, theyโ€™re fascinated! You can talk to him about what heโ€™s seeing โ€” โ€œthe wind is moving the leavesโ€ โ€” and make sure he has interesting things to look at.


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