What drives millennial women towards sustainable investing

What drives millennial women towards sustainable investing 1

Over the years, investing has gone beyond drawing high returns. A decade ago, investors used to invest in companies that provided maximum output but this perspective is changing now. The concept of environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing that originated in the 1960s is now gaining tremendous popularity in India. Increasing number of investors now want to invest in companies that are ESG compliant. The interest in ESG has skyrocketed. A rapid shift from a growth-driven approach to a ย ..

Driven by a zeal to โ€˜do whatโ€™s rightโ€™ reflects on investment style
Millennial women are independent and they have a strong zeal to achieve their goals. They are the boss of their life. Doing the right thing and always taking a stand for the right objective is a motivator for millennial women. They aim to change the way things used to be by choosing sustainable investing and stepping towards the right business outlook. Investing in a value-driven organization enables them to ย ..


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