Vaginal Pruritus During Pregnancy: Need Medicine Or Not?

Vaginal Pruritus During Pregnancy: Need Medicine Or Not? 1

Vaginal Pruritus During Pregnancy: Need Medicine Or Not? 2

This article will help moms know more about vaginal itching in terms of causes, treatments, effects as well as resolutions. 

In fact, vaginal pruritus during pregnancy is not uncommon in pregnant women. Itchy vagina makes moms uncomfortable, negatively affects not only moms’ psychology but also the development of the fetus as vaginal pruritus can occur in any stage of pregnancy, and when facing this situation, pregnant mothers tend to be confused and annoyed.

What are the causes of vaginal pruritus during pregnancy?

  • Increased hormones, especially in the early stages of pregnancy, causing more vaginal discharge, changing pH in the vagina, creating conditions for bacteria and fungi to grow and causing vaginal itching as well as much discharge with odor.
  • In the last months of pregnancy, the fact that the fetus develops significantly triggers stretch marks on moms’ bodies. This makes the mother susceptible to vaginal itching. 
  • During pregnancy, the female body becomes hypersensitive, so the skin is more prone to irritation. 
  • From the 4th month of pregnancy, pregnant women are susceptible to folliculitis, which causes vaginal itching.
  • Vaginal pruritus during the first month of pregnancy is also caused by improper hygiene, which facilitates the habitat for bacteria to grow and cause inflammation and itching.
  • During the first 3 months of pregnancy, pregnant women are also susceptible to gynecology diseases which also cause the itches of the vagina.

Vaginal Pruritus During Pregnancy: Need Medicine Or Not? 3

Do moms need medicine if suffering from vaginal pruritus?

Normally, most pregnant women experience vaginal itching. There are many cases in which itching is quite mild and not accompanied by any abnormal symptoms and disappear without medication.

However, if pregnant women get itchy vagina during pregnancy with the following symptoms, these women should see obstetricians immediately:

  • The pregnant keep experiencing vaginal itching more and more for a few days in a row. 
  • When much milky white, yellow ivory vagina discharge is accompanied by odor.
  • Redness, and burning feeling in the genital area. 
  • Painful or burning sensation when urinating and urinating several times a day.

Please note that pregnant women are not allowed to arbitrarily use medicine without doctors or specialists’ consult.

Does vaginal itching affect the fetus?

If the vaginal pruritus has prolonged for a long time without proper treatment, not only the moms feel uncomfortable but the babies are negatively affected as well. 

When pregnant women get an itchy vaginal yeast infection, it can be passed on to the baby through the vaginal opening during birth. The fungus will stick to the baby’s mouth then cause oral thrush. 

Itchy yeast infection easily spreads to other parts of the pregnancy body, which can cause dangerous complications such as premature birth, miscarriage, amniotic membrane inflammation, amniotic rupture, etc. 

Are there any ways to prevent vagina itching from spreading?

  • Keep the genital area clean, dry, clean 
  • Do not wear underwear that is too tight
  • Do not use cleaning solution too many times a day.
  • When pitching, don’t scratch
  • Drink plenty of water, eat as much yogurt as possible


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