The Not-To-Do List During Pregnancy

The Not-To-Do List During Pregnancy 1

Statistics show that for every 100 fetuses, there will be 3 to 5 ones experiencing developmental problems. Therefore, right from the moment noticing being pregnant, moms should carefully follow the not-to-do list during pregnancy.

The Not-To-Do List During Pregnancy 2

Be careful when using the medicine

In case being sick, moms must tell the doctor about the status of pregnancy so that moms can be given the right medication. Use of the drug during pregnancy should be carefully advised and agreed upon by doctors and pharmacists.

If moms have to use medication, please remember:

Minimize the use of drugs. Never use medicine without the doctor’s consent. 

Be aware that there are many medicines that can be safe for moms but dangerous to unborn babies. 

If being unsure about any medicine, consult the doctor or pharmacist. 

Use the medicine following the instructions and indications related to dosage, time and ways to take the medication properly.

Be careful when using supplements

The Not-To-Do List During Pregnancy 3

Pregnant women should be careful about taking supplements, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy. Medicines made from natural ingredients are not meant to be safe for pregnant women. There are many supplements that have not been thoroughly tested and proven to work as well. Therefore, be careful before taking any medicine.

Beware of toxins released from the environment

In daily life, there are some toxic substances such as chemicals, x-rays, pesticides that pregnant women need to avoid being exposed to because these toxins will harm the development of the babies. Moms need to wear a mask and protective clothing when having to work in a harmful environment.

Avoid smoking

The Not-To-Do List During Pregnancy 4

Tobacco contains nicotine and many other toxic substances. Smoke can trigger premature birth, experiencing many illnesses such as asthma or respiratory diseases. Besides, smoking reduces the amount of breast milk. So, think about quitting smoking before deciding to get pregnant!

Be careful when taking baths, saunas and spas

During the first months of pregnancy, the fetus in the abdomen is very sensitive to changes in the temperature of the mother’s body. Activities such as taking baths or saunas will increase the body temperature for a period of time, affecting the development of the fetus. Normal body temperature ranges from 36.1 to 37.3 degrees and pregnant women are advised not to be in environments that increase body temperature above 39 degrees.

Should not contact cats during pregnancy?

The Not-To-Do List During Pregnancy 5

Many people assume that pregnant women should not have contact with pets, especially cats. In fact, what moms need to avoid is cat feces because they carry toxoplasmosis that can be passed through hands and mouth then passed on to the fetus.

Another thing to keep in mind is to wear gloves when gardening and wash hands thoroughly afterwards. Moms should also wash vegetables and fruits thoroughly and do not eat foods with unknown origin.

Avoid unhealthy relationships

Today, many relationships of couples show signs of violence. And finding pregnancy sometimes makes relationships worse, especially for young couples. When couples experience problems such as unemployment, debt or a precarious relationship, pregnancy can make things more stressful. There are a few cases of domestic violence.

If moms are in this situation, seek help as soon as possible as this case will harm the baby development. 

The Not-To-Do List During Pregnancy 6

Do seat belts affect the fetus?

Many women think that wearing a seatbelt when traveling by car or plane can affect the fetus. However, although uncomfortable, it is necessary to ensure the safety of both mother and baby in case something happens.

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