The 8 Important Things Only Big Bellied Pregnant Women Can Understand

The 8 Important Things Only Big Bellied Pregnant Women Can Understand 1

Pregnant women can look super huge and round, some people even worry about them. Who knows why it happens? Genetics? Metabolism? Bad luck? And on the other hand, you get the cute little adorable baby bump that looks chic in maternity clothes. But hey, at the end of the day both types of women get the same thing – the birth of their bundle of joy. Before you get insulted at the title, don’t worry because it’s not an insult. It’s just that some women when pregnant are bigger than others whereas other women are absolutely adorable. If you’re one of those women who have had a “bigger” pregnancy or are currently having one then you will relate to these 8 things.


  1. Fascinated Onlookers:

Sadly when you’re ready to pop that baby out, people tend to gawk a little. Some may be subtle and others are a little too blatant. Sometimes they even point and whisper to their friends! Shame on them.

  1. Eager Commentators:

This is unavoidable. People love to make comments. One woman heard comments almost every time she went out. For example, outsiders said, ““Are you overdue?” or “How much longer do you have?” and then it escalates when they say, ““Wow, are you sure there’s just one in there?” and “Bless your heart, that looks painful!” Somebody even said, “You are HUGE!” That’s just plain mean.

  1. Maternity Wear:

To be honest, maternity clothes are fashionable. However, to some pregnant women with big bellies, clothes don’t look all that chic. According to them, the “good clothes are reserved for more standard sizes.” One woman explains, “The bottom of your stomach is always hanging out of something because even the stretchiest pants tend to creep down, and no shirt is ever long enough to make up for it.”

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  1. The Waddle:

Everybody makes duck or penguin jokes when women get super pregnant because of their belly. You can’t help it! You need to waddle! We understand.

  1. Changing Room E.vils:

Most dressing rooms are pretty small; so just picture a pretty big baby bump struggling to fit into the confined space while wrestling with the clothes in order to try them on. If you have a hormonal changing room meltdown, don’t worry nobody will judge you.


  1. Size Can Matter:

As we all know, your body drastically changes during pregnancy, so sometimes it could take a while to get used to your new size and dimensions. So if you’re trying to squeeze through a tight parking space, don’t sweat it, you’ll get used to these sticky situations. Yes, it may be embarrassing, but you’re carrying a baby, remember!


  1. The Struggle Is Real:

This could not be more true because it gets harder to tie shoe laces, paint your toenails, and even shaving your legs is like an aerobics class. This occurs for around half the pregnancy! However, on the bright side, being massively preggers has some perks. For example, people almost always offer you a seat or want to help you with something. And hey, you can always fake going into labor if you want to get yourself out of a speeding ticket or something similar 😉


  1. Weight Gain:

More often than a bigger belly means more weight gain. Sadly, this can mean that you’ve gained weight EVERYWHERE. Your back is extra strained, but on the bright side, when you do give birth, you’re like, “Phew I can see my feet again!”


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