What is the feeling of morning sickness?

Morning sickness is one of the most uncomfortable symptoms, not only for pregnant women, but also for men. Morning sickness can be like many things, depending on moms’ condition but there are different treatments. There are cases that moms will recover just by using psychotherapy.

Morning sickness is the first symptom to appear in early pregnancy when the placenta begins to form. About 70% – 80% of pregnant women experience this condition. However, there are many degrees of morning sickness: some are mild, moderate, but some are very heavy.

The common symptoms are nausea, vomiting, bloating, indigestion, etc. especially tired. This symptom of fatigue is just like pseudobulb. “I have jaw pain/It doesn’t hurt when I eat it, when I do it”. It is similar, that is to do something natural, the pregnant women will feel very tired.

Next, the pregnant women may feel headache, sometimes have difficulty breathing, eat poorly, tired, etc. It is not clearly and not a specific disease. These are the basic symptoms of morning sickness, making pregnant women especially uncomfortable. Especially those who are pregnant for the first time, sometimes unfamiliar, then feel oh my life is so tired, so miserable, even a deadlock sky.

What are the causes of morning sickness?

When morning sickness occurs, the health of the pregnant women will be affected first because moms cannot eat or sleep. If moms cannot sleep, moms feel upset, grizzle, and the dads are affected. So why does this morning sickness occur?

The first is due to the body’s response to hormonal changes during pregnancy. We know that when the egg and sperm begin to unite into a zygote, the zygote enters the nest of the uterus to begin to form and secrete the hormones of pregnancy. Hormones begin to rise, reach a peak around the 70th day of pregnancy, and then begin to slowly decline until the 100th day and remain until birth. Therefore, morning sickness is a reaction of the body to increased hormones. The pregnant woman will slowly start to vomit until about 70 days of the peak vomiting, extremely tired. However, morning sickness will gradually decrease due to the gradual decrease in hormones, after which the morning sickness will be about 100 days, which is about 3 months and 10 days.

The second reason is that the placenta secretes hormones so that the uterus is soft, the soft uterus will not contract and not push the fetus out, which is natural selection. When the uterus is soft, the muscles elsewhere in the body are also soft, the stomach is also soft and the muscles in the intestinal wall are also soft. When soft like that will reduce contraction, the abdomen will be easy to distention. Moms always feel bloated due to the gas in the intestines and stagnation.

How many levels of morning sickness?

If the condition is mild, pregnant women will glide easily.

For moderate morning sickness, pregnant women will eat poorly, have full stomach indigestion and sudden vomiting. However, in addition to the times of morning sickness, the moms can eat again. The time when moms feel the most uncomfortable is when moms wake up at about 6 or 7 in the morning to brush the teeth and feel very nauseous. The second time is about 4 pm and 5 pm. These are the two highest hormonal times of the day.

In case of severe morning sickness, moms will vomit a lot, giving any food and drink to vomit immediately. When moms see someone else eating, moms may also vomit. Pregnant women will not be able to eat but keep vomiting, the body will lose water quickly and, importantly, lose electrolytes. The inability to eat is the body has no nutrients to function properly, lose electrolytes any more, the body will weaken and no strength to do anything. In these cases, doctors usually assign fluid, electrolyte, protein, etc. directly into the bloodstream. The muscles in the body are almost paralyzed, very dangerous. Severe electrolyte disorders can affect the heart. The case of heavy morning sickness is usually when there is a large placenta, due to multiple pregnancies, placental edema, cases of birth defects that make the placenta very large.


How to take care of the morning sick mom?

Psychologically, dads should try to stabilize, help moms not to be too worried because moms’ unstable pregnant nerves will affect the neurological development of babies. It is important that dads help moms feel comfortable, avoid sadness, and do not get angry. When moms have a baby, the nerves are easy to change so it’s easy to get angry, dads should sympathize and help moms relieve stress. Stress is also one of the factors that make it worse for morning sickness.

Dads can refer to reflexology to help moms reduce morning sickness.

During this period, dads should let moms eat as much as moms want, do not try to force them to eat too much or eat a nutritious food continuously (sausages, chicken with Chinese medicine, etc.), if they do not like to eat, looking dished will be also afraid them. At this stage, it was impossible for dads to take care of moms like that. Dads should let moms eat as much as they want, but dads should split it into several meals, especially without forcing. The first is that moms do not like, if they eat, they will vomit. Second, moms will be under psychological pressure.

Dads should choose simple, easy-to-digest items, such as porridge, soups, thin, cold tea, etc. With milk, dads can keep cold, each time dads can let moms drinks a little, little by little. If moms do not have the habit of drinking milk before becoming pregnant, they will not have milk enzymes, dads should let moms drink little by little to stimulate the intestine to create milk enzymes, then gradually increase gradually. Dads can have the milk ready in the fridge so moms will drink it whenever moms is thirsty. Moms will get used to it slowly.

Dads should give moms some foods that are able to suck up the stomach, if the stomach is full of acid, moms will feel very sour, very uncomfortable when burping on. Dads can give moms bread, cookies, etc. to neutralize less fluid, they will feel more comfortable.

Dads shouldn’t let moms eat foods that taste too strong like fried onions, fried garlic, fish sauce, fish, fried foods, coffee, etc. Such stimulants for sensitive moms, just smell also make them uncomfortable.

Dads should split the mom’s diet into several meals, not too much, too full. If the stomach is too tight, moms will be more likely to push back the food and vomit.

Some junk food: candy, cookies, lozenges, etc. dads can keep in the fridge, in the basket of moms. When sugar is put into the body, hypoglycemia is reduced. The feeling of swallowing also helps the fluids to not come out.

In addition, dads should add water to moms from many different fruits.

Dads can let moms suck on ginger and lemon, to reduce nausea. Should choose fresh ginger, because withered ginger has many substances that are not good for the health of moms.

The old scents like soap, perfume, room spray, detergent, cleaning liquid, etc. can now cause moms to vomit. Dads should help moms stay away from these places, do not stimulate moms prone to vomiting.

Dental hygiene can also be a double-edged sword. Teeth brushing or vice versa, which does not guarantee good oral hygiene, can cause vomiting. Therefore, if moms are unable to brush the teeth, then dads should prepare a soft gauze to scrub mom’s teeth and gargle with antiseptic solutions. If not, dads can rinse mom’s mouth with saltwater.

The living room and office should be cool, avoid stifling. Preventing the lack of oxygen also makes pregnant women feel tired, and it is easy to vomit. During the course of work, if dads sees moms sitting for a long time, dads should advise moms to get up and go back, go out to have air.

If moms feels sick from morning sickness, dads should help moms practice breathing properly, which is one of the ways to relieve the discomfort caused by morning sickness. Dads instructed moms to take a deep breath in through the nose, then hold the breath in the chest for a few seconds, then breathe gently out through the mouth. Doing so several times will reduce fatigue.

Magnesium B6 and zinc are two drugs to help pregnant women reduce vomiting, dads should consult a doctor before giving moms. In addition, moms can use some other anti-vomiting medicine, directly prescribed by their doctor because depending on the location and condition of each person. Dads should give moms medicine 30 minutes before the time when moms are easy to vomit during the day. For example, in the morning, moms would vomit at 7:30, then dads would give moms medicine at 7 o’clock.

If the vomiting situation is too stressful, moms are very tired and cannot eat, vomiting very much, dads should take moms to the hospital immediately for the doctors to take care of, the infusion, the protein, and the lipid.

Which nutrition should be supplemented when morning sickness?


Pregnancy is a very important process for both moms and the baby, requiring high nutrition. Therefore, when moms become pregnant and cannot eat, dads should prepare a good nutrition solution to supplement for mom. Moreover, poor nutrition is one of the causes of morning sickness.

Food is the most important and essential source of nutrition. Therefore, if moms have difficulty eating food, the risk of malnutrition will increase. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement moms with supplements. Proper nutritional supplement – sufficient conditions are indispensable for a healthy pregnancy, optimal fetal development.

Please be assured that after about 100 days, that is, from the 14th week onwards, mom’s hormones will begin to return to normal, and moms will experience less morning sickness. The period of the mom’s morning sickness will pass easily when the attention and adequate care from dad. Full nutrition is an important premise for the healthy and intelligent development of babies in the future.


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