Anemia in Pregnancy – Symptoms, Signs, Effects

Depending on the cause and level of mild or severe anemia, there are different signs. If the anemia is severe but slowly progresses over days and months, there is still no sign. If acute anemia, moms will feel tired quickly, headache, shortness of breath, dizziness, chest pain, pale, pale skin, fast pulse, shortness of breath, etc.

Anemia occurs quickly or slowly depending on the adaptability of the body so people with poor adaptability will have more pronounced manifestations.

However, there are some common signs to recognize when pregnant women have anemia:

  1. Exhaustion and fatigue

The first and most common sign of pregnancy when anemia is being tired. Blood carries oxygen, nutrients, and energy throughout the body. Without these factors, pregnant women will feel unusually tired, sleepless, less focused, unable to tolerate as usual. Pregnant women will also feel uncomfortable, easily upset.


  1. Craving for things other than food

Some women with severe anemia during pregnancy prefer to eat inedible things like clay, sand, chalk, etc. because their bodies are deficient in iron while these substances are involved in iron absorption and can resolve somewhat.


  1. Headache or dizziness

Anemia pregnant women will be prone to headaches, tinnitus, dizziness, especially when sitting then standing up due to anemia to the brain. In some cases, this condition can lead to fainting.

  1. Abnormal heart rate

Pregnant women with anemia often experience heart palpitations, abnormal heart rhythms due to faster blood circulation to meet the body’s needs.

  1. Trouble breathing

Anemia will lead to hypoxia to the lungs. Pregnant women will have difficulty breathing, feel like climbing high stairs or walking very fast without a break for breath.

  1. Palpitations

Pregnant women have anemia that leads to a decrease in blood circulation in the heart, so they often feel the palpitations, especially when exercising. In severe cases, this can lead to a heart attack.

  1. Skin and mucosa are pale

Anemia will result in less blood coming to other parts like the skin. The skin and mucosa are pale, often seen on palms, nails, eye mucosa, oral mucosa, weak and unwell skin as usual. If severe anemia, the skin may even turn pale or gray.


  1. Brittle nails

Anemia leads to the foundation of your nails and feet stop creating new healthy cells, resulting in dry, weak and brittle nails that have slotted nails.

  1. Cold hands and feet

Anemia will result in limited blood flow in the arms and legs, which can make pregnant women feel cold and potentially numb.

When detecting signs of anemia, moms need to visit, test, and check with their doctors to determine the cause and direction of treatment promptly and effectively. During pregnancy, before pregnancy, and while breastfeeding, moms should pay special attention to adequate nutritional supplements, especially hematopoietic substances such as protein, iron, folic acid, Vitamin B12. The normal diet for pregnant women may not be enough to provide the above nutrients to the body, so moms should supplement from the source of medicine, additional food to ensure the daily requirement: 30mg of iron, 400mcg of folic acid, and 2.6mcg of Vitamin B12.


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