Seven Perks Of Being Pregnant

Seven Perks Of Being Pregnant 1

When you picture yourself being pregnant, you tend to focus on the parts that render it a difficult experience. While it sure is challenging, there are going to be certain aspects of it that you’re going to miss when it’s over. Here is the sunny-side-up view of being pregnant to bring a smile to your face:

You are “special” for real

husband caring pregnant wife


Your siblings can’t be mean to you, strangers hold doors open for you and randomly admire your glowing face and bump. Was the world always such a nice place? Enjoy your star moment, it doesn’t last forever because soon a little angel is on their way to steal every bit of this attention.

Better skin and hair

pregnancy skin and hair

Now, this is a tricky one, especially the skin part. Oj some days you’re positively glowing and your skin looks like it could never have ruined your prom night with that pimple. On other days, it’s not so great. But your hair! Wow. Since when did you have natural curls you didn’t have to spend an hour setting? Again, enjoy it, and yes, take those pics.

The bump is ‘love’

using bump to hold food

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Without realizing it, you seem to be rocking it. You carry it around with a smile and pose better for pictures i.e. without sucking your tummy in. Towards the end of your pregnancy, you’re going to be using this bump as a little table you use to eat your crisps from. Also, it is your angel’s first home. Win-win. 

No one can question your ‘no’

win argument pregnancy

You’re bloated, moody and everything makes you want to hurl. While they would love to have your charming presence during game nights or their birthday parties, they perfectly understand when you say no. 

Blame it on pregnancy brain

And you can blame it for virtually anything. From not replying to tedious work emails to forgetting to let your partner know the credit card bills came in, pregnancy brain takes one for the team. Get some puppy eyes working as well while you’re at it. 

The kicks

baby kicks

You will love this a lot when it starts and yes, sometimes it will hurt a bit but guess what. You will love it anyway because every kick is your baby telling you that they’re okay and they can’t wait to meet you. 

You look forward to seeing your doctor

pregnant doctor

Of course, you still pretend you didn’t notice the reminder to visit the dentist but the OBGYN clinic is just as fun as the new nail bar down the road. You get to witness your baby’s growth, see them and hear them. It gets better and better and you wouldn’t trade it for the world. 

While you will love these things for sure, take a second to picture this. You’re bringing a whole new person to this world. So go ahead and love yourself for it and tuck into that sundae, you deserve it for surviving all these days without wine! 


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