Science Says Parents Of The Most Successful Kids Do These 5 Things

Science Says Parents Of The Most Successful Kids Do These 5 Things 1

Science Says Parents Of The Most Successful Kids Do These 5 Things

Who doesn’t love to be addressed as ‘proud parents’ of their children? It is this special moment that every parent probably dreams of making true one day. And, in order to do so, they strive endlessly to give their children the best values and support system. When almost all parents ensure that their children eat healthily, get into good schools, and learn different skills, then why is it that some of them outshine the others? And does parenting play a key role in it? Here are a few things that science says parents can do to raise successful kids.

1. Encourage And Become Role Models Of Good Relationship

Encourage And Become Role Models Of Good Relationship

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From 1938 onward, Harvard University conducted a study on a group of 400 men under the project called the Grant Study, involving their own students. The study followed their lifestyle, parenting, and relationship choices and its impact. This was done through a series of questionnaires, analysis, and surveys for a whopping 75 years! The result of this exhaustive study revealed that the key to long-lasting happiness and good health wasn’t about money, hard work, or fame. It was simply about maintaining good family relationships.


So, if you maintain good relationships with your friends and family alike and encourage your children to nurture their relationships the same way, they are bound to reap its benefits.

2. Praise Often, But The Right Way

Praise Often, But The Right Way

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There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance, so it’s important to channelize our praise in the right direction. As per the research by Carol Dweck, a professor of psychology at Stanford University, praising your child for the efforts instead of their abilities help nurture positive growth mindset for a lifetime .

For instance, if your child wins a school race, praise her/him for his/her innumerable practice hours that went into finally winning the race rather than the medal. This way your children will recognize the importance of positive and honest efforts and not only the end result.

3. Teach Kids To Tackle Household Chores

 Help You Choose The Right Life Partner

Most parents help their kids with their homework and also keep them away from household chores so they can focus on academics. However, this is a wrong approach. This comes from, again, the Harvard University’s Grant Study. Teaching your kids real-life skills, like making a meal for themselves, along with handling their own studies makes them independent and responsible for themselves .

4. They Set High Expectations And Remind Them Too

They Set High Expectations And Remind Them Too

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This might come as a surprise to all those parents who do not believe in pressurizing their children. A research conducted at the University of Sussex, United Kingdom, revealed that parents who set high standards for their daughters and kept reminding about it constantly were able to ensure that their daughters made a decent life for themselves. They were able to help their daughters avoid teen pregnancies, drop out early, or end up in low-wage jobs .

5. Help You Choose The Right Life Partner

 Help You Choose The Right Life Partner

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According to researchers from Washington University, St. Louis, marriage to the right person has helped people do well in life including performing better at work, gaining promotions, self-satisfaction, and financial security compared to those stuck in bad marriages.

So, while marrying someone of parents’ choice works in a society where arranged marriage is the norm, most modern couples who choose their own partner too are increasingly seeking their parents’ approval before settling down. This is because of their vast experience, good reputation in society, and positive know-how of the husband-wife dimensions that can help new couples sail through the highs and lows of marriage.

Each child is unique with some or the other special in-born talent. But, there’s no denying that recognizing that talent and nurturing it the right way is equally important. This is probably why parenting plays such a crucial role. You may or may not agree with some of the ways mentioned here, but we are sure you’ll soon find your own best way to nurture your child. Good luck!


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