Mom’s Drawings Show Life After Kids Accurately

Mom’s Drawings Show Life After Kids Accurately 1

A range of adorable comics gained wide popularity recently. Anna Denise Floor published them knowing very little that they would blow up and strike a chord with mothers around the world. While the transition into motherhood is no joke, it is still nice to have a laugh given how tedious the whole thing can be sometimes and yet so wonderful. Here are some very relatable scenarios that will leave you chuckling and sighing.

#1 Mess Is A Style

mom bun before and after babies

Remember fashionable bands that would hold your head in a chic mess? Well don’t worry, the mess is still there.

#2 Bored? No Way

plans before and after kids

Good old YouTube. You don’t lack much entertainment these days though, it’s just more intense.

#3 Hang0vers Can Get Worse

hangovers before and after kids

How you wish they don’t move around too much. Not gonna happen though.

#4 Changing Diapers

funny mom kid

If you thought college was hard, try your hand at potty training. Or changing diapers for that matter.

#5 Multitasking Expert

eating with one hand after baby

One hand is enough for everything including enjoying your meals. Remember when you would use elaborate cutlery to just eat salad?

#6 Sneaking Into Your Own Bed

bedtime routine after kids\

Your bed used to be a wonderful place where you could unwind and relax. Now it is a temporary escape, an extremely brief getaway.

#7 Pack Light? What?

beach day after kids

You cannot go anywhere, not even the beach without packing everything that your child needs and that’s okay.

#8 Is This Okay? Is That Normal?

mom worrying about baby

Google was and always will be your best friend. Some things don’t change even though the queries do.

#9 101 Sscreenguards

phone after kids

Mom phones require special awards for everything that they endure.

#10 Mommy Can I Pee Too?

all i want for christmas mom edition

If you thought your puppy was clingy, well think again. Privacy is a matter of yesterday.

Motherhood is a beautiful time but there are these little things that make it a bit (too) hectic. You cannot do anything about it so why not laugh at it? We are sure that you found at least one of the situations relatable!


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