Joy as Lady finally welcomes her first child after several miscarriages (Photos)

Joy as Lady finally welcomes her first child after several miscarriages (Photos) 1

Lady Identified as Omoye Odia Jonathan has taken to social media sharing her testimony as she finally welcomes her first child after several miscarriages. It can only be God!

Her testimony will definitely inspire someone out there..
The latest mom while sharing her testimony on social media, in her words she wrote:
I hope this get posted as it would encourage a lot going through this phase, yes its a phase for this too shall pass.
11months after my marraige on April 5th 2018 I was pregnant, it was a joyful moment for I and my husband, little did we know it was the beginning of a journey that opened our eyes to so many things.
8weeks into the pregnancy, I started bleeding at midnight and I was rushed to the hospital, n it was confirmed I had miscarried and was asked to do an evacuation.
PS: Evacuation was as painful as hell.
Joy as Lady finally welcomes her first child after several miscarriages (Photos) 2
Now after losing a baby, there is this void that is just left inside of you, and as a mother the only thing you want is to feel that void, by trying to get pregnant almost immediately. But in my case the pregnancy wasn’t fourthcoming anymore, and I was becoming impatient by the day.
1year past after my last pregnancy and I wasn’t pregnant, in 2019 April I went back to see a gynecologist, to know why i wasn’t getting pregnant, and the doctor asked me and my husband to do some tests, we went for all necessary tests and everything was perfect, Until I was asked to go for an hysterosalpingogram (HSG) test to check my fallopian tubes.
I did the HSG, after the test I was asked to come back in 2days for result, in 2days I was there and I was told my both fallopian tubes were blocked, therefore I would not be able to conceive naturally, except IVF.
I had done so many research on fertility that I had practically become an online doctor , so immediately the Doctor said my fallopian tubes were blocked, I knew what it meant, and I just blacked out. when I got home I went straight to my room, my husband was already back from work and was at the sitting room, but I just walked past him straight into the room, immediately I got to d room I broke down, I cried like I was going to die, my husband followed immediately, took d result from my hands, read it, smiled hugged me and said “THIS IS NOT GOD’S WORDS YOU ARE GOING TO CONCEIVE, DON’T CRY LIKE YOU DON’T BELIEVE IN GOD”.
Joy as Lady finally welcomes her first child after several miscarriages (Photos) 3


After I finished crying, the next morning I took the result to the alter in church, prayed and left it there, I moved on with the hope that I will conceive one day.
2months later in June I was pregnant, shocking right, because just 2months ago d doctor said I can not conceive and here I was with this 2red lines, we were so happy, I went to the hospital immediately booked an appointment with the ob-gyn and I was placed on progesterone bcz of my previous pregnancy history, this injection cost 4000# and I was to take it every week for 6weeks so I did and everything was fine.
16weeks(4months) into the Pregnancy, I woke up and I wasn’t just feeling pregnant, I was feeling this void in me, I complained to my husband and he asked we go for a scan, even though we just went for scan some days ago and everything was fine, we still went, during the scan the sonographer asked me “madam did you bleed” and I said no, then she said “I can’t find your baby’s heart beat” I felt cold, how can you not find a heart beat we heard some days ago, and she said I would be given a drug, then I will come back in 10days for another scan to see if we can find d heart beat.
I called my friend Josephine Nnenna Samuel told her what’s up, and she was like go straight to the church to pray, when I got to the church I prayed, I cried, I begged God that I wanted this child to stay, I begged for a miracle, i called on intercessors,I have never prayed in my life the way I prayed in these 10days, 10days have never been so long, and when the 10th day came at the hospital we were told that the baby was deteriorating and we would need to do an evacuation. I didn’t accept o, i left my husband in the hospital n came back home, I was hoping for a last minute miracle, 2days later after pleading and convincing from hubby and a doctor friend, I did another evacuation.
After that evacuation, my faith went flat, I told my husband I was done praying, I just don’t believe God hears me so what is the point, what’s d point praying if he wouldn’t hear me and My husband said “there was no part in the bible that said we wouldn’t face temptation but we shouldn’t let it overcome us”. I stopped praying totally, I go to church because my husband insists not because I wanted to.
And just 1 day God put a woman in my part, we coincidentally shares same birthday, and we got talking, she told me about her own challenges which were far worst than mine and she overcame, she told me to always pray no matter the situation, I got home, picked up my faith, and asked for God’s forgiveness and I was grateful to God for everything, because if God could do it for her mine was petit to her’s.
In all these ups and down my husband never left my side, he was my rock, even when my faith Weaver, he stood in the gap for us, he always had this faith that when it was time nothing will take it away. I was so blessed to have married him.
In December 2020, I was pregnant again, we were surprise as this was fast, just 2months after my last evacuation, indeed God answer prayers so we said, I went to the hospital and again I was to take progesterone injection for 6weeks before my 1st scan, and when the scan day came I was asked to come back on the 8th week as the result wasn’t clear enough.
 8weeks I was there for scan, and the sonographer again asked madam “Did you bleed” I became numb so was my husband, because we knew that question, and the sonographer said “madam we can see a fetal sac but there is no baby in it” Which kind wahala be this.
 Again I was asked to come back in 2weeks, I called my friend Josephine, I told her and she couldn’t believe it, we both started crying, she insisted we go to church to pray, even though we were miles upon miles away from each other, she never stoped been a sweetheart to me, and I just reluctantly went.
When I got to church, i couldn’t pray, I just started to ask questions like I was seeing God directly, I asked, What did I do so wrong that I’m being punished for? Was my sins that bad that I have to go through all of these pains? Why do you give me hope only to snatch it away? at these time I was disturbing others praying at the altar, I couldn’t hold it in, my body was weak from the evacuations, my heart was tired and very heavy, my eyes was tired from crying, it was practically weighing me down. why me?so I asked.
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 On the 12th week I did the evacuation, I remember I chatted my friend and asked her “I don’t think I was created to be a mother” i asked her “Why was God punishing me” she kept encouraging and checking up on me not to give up. Life went on, we decided to hit a pause on the baby making process, as we both need to heal from all the hurt.
In August 2020 when we were not even looking, I was pregnant, Fear after a loss is intense, you hope to get pregnant again almost immediately to feel that void left, but everyday you are just hoping and praying that this baby would stay, you are trying not to check for blood when you go to the bathroom, you can’t fully enjoy your pregnancy because you keep thinking what if I lose this one too. After lossing 3 pregnancies, i was afraid to be happy for this new one.
I was asked again to go on progesterone and I refused, I think I was afraid to have hope, I just couldn’t be happy, I was more scared than happy for my pregnancy, i kept checking to see if I was spotting or bleeding, i was going for scan almost every 2weeks, I was practically always scared throughout the first 5months, I told God to do his will, I got to accept I was pregnant after my 1st trimester. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9months was so perfect. no issue of any kind and I had a short time labor. This is my TESTIMONY.
Today my Baby Boy ASHER CHIZARAM OSEREMEN is 6months.
he has brighten our world.
Joy as Lady finally welcomes her first child after several miscarriages (Photos) 5
Pix was at 3months


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