How To Be A Better Mom When You Are Exhausted

How To Be A Better Mom When You Are Exhausted 1

Being a mom isn’t easy. No kidding. It’s a lot of work and the time at hand is so little. Cleaning the mess that the baby leaves every day, managing schedules so you can keep up with them, getting just enough sleep to get by, juggling between profession and personal space, and the list is never-ending.

But moms are mighty: they seem at the top of their games almost always, hiding away all their pain and tears so effortlessly. They seem to know it all, and surprisingly, there’s nothing they don’t accomplish in a single day. Amidst so much going on around them, it’s natural for moms to be exhausted. And that can be unhealthy for them, the kids, and the family. It could often drive a wedge in relationships and break them to the point of no return.

How To Be A Better Mom When You Are Exhausted

If you are a mom, too tired to go on, and the tasks keep piling up, we’re here to help. Here is what we suggest you can do to make life easier, just so the pressure of motherhood is bearable.

1. Start Your Day Early

Start Your Day Early

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It’s hard to accomplish waking up early every single day. It is difficult to wake up early when you’ve already struggled to catch up on some much-needed sleep. But if you wake up on some days before your kids do, notice that you’ll get most things done before they are up. When you take good care of yourself before you are present for others, you’ll have a more productive day.

2. Freshen Up

Freshen Up

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Whether or not you agree, an excellent hot or cold shower is great to lift your mood no matter how impossible the day ahead of you looks. There is something about a refreshing bath that can take the tiredness off your body and mind and prepare you for everything that bogs you down. But, no rush. Step into the shower when you like. The idea is to give yourself some me-time to enjoy and unwind.

3. Get Ready

Get Ready

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Dress up for yourself. It makes a huge difference when you look and feel great about yourself. While living in baggy clothes can seem like the easiest thing to do, change your appearance, and you’ll feel more confident to go through the day. Now you have a home full of small kids; you might find this a colossal task. But, try wearing something that transforms your regular style. It’ll lift your mood.

4. Do Away With Perfectionism

Do Away With Perfectionism

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Trying to organize, clean, feed, and put your kids off to sleep is no joke. Plus, if you are a perfectionist, life is pretty hard anyway. Trust us, no matter how hard you try, someday your kids will grow up, and all of this extra burden that you carry will be forgotten. So, take a break and live in the moment. Since beautiful moments are finite, enjoy those moments while they last without worrying about the what if’s.

5. It’s Okay To Say “No”

It's Okay To Say No

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Learn this early, and it would save you so much pain and tears. We often get so used to saying “yes” as mothers that others don’t respect our boundaries. Moms are loving, generous, and giving. But it’s fine to be selfish sometimes. You deserve to do things that you like and leave out the rest.

Get realistic about what you can handle. Everything else can wait.

6. Build Strong Relationships

Build Strong Relationships

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It’s not easy to get going with the endless list of tasks to do once you’re a mother. It leaves you physically and emotionally drained. You need a true friend who gives you a shoulder to cry on, and you can confide in. Trusted friends will motivate you to go on and applaud the minor and major challenges you win every day.

7. Ask For Help

Ask For Help

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We often feel embarrassed to ask for help, even from those dependent on us. In the process, you push yourself to the point of a breakdown while you please others at the cost of your own mental and physical health. You come first. And since your kids need you, you’ve got to be healthy and happy. Everything else comes later. So, seek help when you need it. It never hurts.

Being a mother is the most beautiful experience a woman is said to have in a lifetime. But it’s also the most taxing, and none of us can deny it. It takes away a lot from you but in the journey, remember to make time for yourself and praise your achievements. Nobody’s going to do it for you. And because you are your hero, moms, you do you! How did you deal with your exhausting moments or days as a mother? Do share your experiences with us in the comments section below.


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