How Pregnancy Feels, According To Disney Gifs

How Pregnancy Feels, According To Disney Gifs 1

The journey towards motherhood is loaded with different experiences. Some are painful, some are happy, and yet some that will catch you completely off-guard. But these very experiences make your journey of pregnancy memorable, isn’t it? And that moment when you have your baby in your arms will make it seem all the more worthwhile. While it is natural for us to have a philosophical view of it all, sometimes it is good to view it from a funny aspect. Like, what if you could express all these experiences and feelings in the form of Disney characters Gifs? Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? So, let’s go on a roller coaster ride and discover some of them ourselves, first hand:

1. That Moment When You Discover Your Pregnancy


Remember the anxiety you felt waiting those ‘infinite seconds’ to check the results of the pregnancy strip? As your heartbeat raced a million marathons in seconds, you felt a sudden surge of happiness on seeing two pink lines! You either jumped with joy or did a little gig for yourself! Yippie!

2. Then Came The Official Announcement


After waiting patiently for a few weeks, you are now ready to announce your pregnancy to your near and dear ones. Their joy and happiness upon hearing the good news are incomparable!

3. Your Wish Is Their Command


Suddenly, everyone, including your husband and the entire family, is at your beck and call. You name it and they’ll get it for you. Being pregnant comes with its own perks, doesn’t it?

4. You Are Eating For Two

Talking of perks, how can we forget the hunger pangs and food cravings. Sometimes, in the middle of the night too. What about those extra calories? Who cares!

5. You Finally Get ‘That’ Corner Of The Bed!


Remember the time your husband drove you crazy every time you woke up at night to get something for yourself? He’d come right in the middle of your way or stretch his legs just when you were about to get down, almost making you topple. Well, not anymore. You are now the Queen!

6. That Extra Bit Of Love


Of course, your husband loves you. But, he’ll get a little bit extra lovey-dovey towards you now.

7. And Then Come The Mood Swings

From crying at the drop of a hat to getting annoyed for the smallest things, you’ll start throwing a fit for the silliest reasons. Suddenly, you are off-limits for everyone!

8. And So Does The Sleep Deprivation


With a growing belly, finding a decent position to sleep will become a luxury. Twisting, turning, or sleeping in a chair will probably become a norm with you.

9. You Are All Together In This


Your support system, your family, will never fail you. Especially that of the experienced mothers, including your own mom or siblings. They’ll always be there to guide you and help you out. Sooner or later, you too will become one such flag-bearer of supportive moms. Roar to you tigresses!

10. When You Keep Looking Into The Mirror


Growing fat is an inevitable part of the package, just like the stretch marks. Although it is not too much of a concern, you’ll still keep looking in the mirror again and again for the slightest change in your shape.

11. The Moment That Makes It Worth It


The final lap of your journey – childbirth. It may be the most painful, yet, when you hear your baby cry, you are bound to forget your pain.

12. It Keeps Coming Back


It may be quite some time since you gave birth. Still, each time your little one cuddles up to you, the amount of happiness it gives you can never be expressed in words.

We hope that these gifs made you smile and laugh. Weren’t these cute? Did any of these remind you of your own special moments during pregnancy? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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