Eva Mireles’ daughter posts a moving tribute to her MOM

Eva Mireles' daughter posts a moving tribute to her MOM 1
To the half that makes me whole ,
Mom, I have no words to describe how I feel right now, tomorrow, and for the rest of my life. I never thought that I would be here writing this type of post for you . Mom, you are a hero. I keep telling myself that this isn’t real . I just want to hear your voice . I want to hear you talking to our dogs with that silly voice you make so high that wakes everyone up in the morning. I want to hear you say “Nanis wake up already man!” Because I keep snoozing my alarm .
I want to hug you one last time and I want to feel the calluses on your hands because you were not only a teacher during the day, but the most hardworking cross fitter in the afternoon. I want to be able to get out of work and expect your call at 4:30 everyday because that’s the first thing you would do as soon as you got out. I want to see you sitting on the couch you claimed was only yours sitting with our dogs . I want to send you tik toks and say them over and over until dad gets tired of us . I want to annoy you and wake you up from naps just so you can check on my chicken and make sure I didn’t under cook it . I want to sing karaoke with you and hear you sing “ shine bright like diamond!”
In your loudest voice . I want to fight with you for the stupidest things and then laugh with you after . I want everything back . I want you to come back to me mom. I miss you more than words can explain. My beautiful mom, thank you for the funniest memories . Thank you for the best times of my life. Thank you for being my bestfriend. Thank you for being the best mom anyone could ask for . You are so known by many now and I’m so happy that people know your name and that beautiful face of yours and they know what a hero looks like . I don’t know how to do this life without you, but I will take care of dad. I will take care of our dogs and I will forever say your name so you are always remembered, Eva Mireles, 4th grade teacher at Robb Elementary who selflessly jumped in front of her students to save their lives . My heart will forever be broken. My bestfriend, my twin was taken from me .
Eva Mireles' daughter posts a moving tribute to her MOM 2
Thank you for loving me in the best ways and for raising me to become so strong. Everyone who knows you knows how outgoing and funny you were and I will miss your laugh forever. I want to thank you mom, for being such an inspiration to me. I will forever be so proud to be your daughter. My sweet mommy , I will see you again. 🤍🕊
Thank you so much to everyone who has reached out during this difficult time , my family will always be so grateful for all of the love and support. Thank you for remembering my mom and sharing what a Hero she is. My condolences go out to all of the families who were affected by this tragedy. God bless you all and please hold yalls mommas tight for me .

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