Effects Of Emergency Contraceptive Pills

Effects Of Emergency Contraceptive Pills 1

Effects Of Emergency Contraceptive Pills 2

1. What is emergency contraception pills?

Emergency contraception is a high-hormonal contraceptive pill that is used to reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancy after unprotected sex. There are many types of emergency contraceptive pills. 

Effects Of Emergency Contraceptive Pills 3

Emergency contraception pills are like a double-edged sword because it can affect the future fertility of the users. Therefore, women should avoid abusing this method of contraception, and should use safer methods such as condom, IUD insertion, daily contraception, etc. For urgent cases, women should read the instructions carefully before using the medicine, take it as soon as possible after having sex, take the full dose and within the prescribed time.

2. Effects of emergency contraceptive pills

Suppress ovulation: Birth control pills contain external sex hormones that help to inhibit the body’s release of ovestin, thereby inhibit the regulation of FSH and metakentrin, inhibit ovulation.

Alter mucus in the cervix: The pills contain progestin, which makes the cervical gland become sticky, not allowing sperm to pass through to meet the egg, thereby preventing pregnancy. 

Make changes in the lining of the uterus: Pills that contain progestin and estrogen from the outside prevent eggs nesting in the womb, preventing pregnancy.

Effects Of Emergency Contraceptive Pills 4

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