Becoming a Mom for the First Time

Becoming a Mom for the First Time 1

If you have just become a mum you will be coming to terms with some big changes in your life. Becoming a mum for the first time can be difficult and very different from what you expected.

Your relationship with your partner/baby’s father will be different now that there is another person sharing your lives. New mothers can feel grief over the loss of their ‘old life’ as well as joy about their ‘new life’ – even when they thought they were prepared for it.

Caring for a tiny baby twenty-four hours a day can be exhausting and sometimes it can feel like you have lost control over everything. You may feel overwhelmed and have a sense of not coping. Ask for help, and say “Yes” to offers of support.

Be prepared for people to offer a great deal of well-meaning and conflicting advice. You know your baby best but be open to suggestions. If they seem helpful try them and choose what works for you and your baby.



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