All You Wanted To Know About Your Baby’s Development Upto 12 Months

All You Wanted To Know About Your Baby's Development Upto 12 Months 1

And, if you want to know what milestones your baby should reach during the first 12 months of his life then keep reading. Just to reiterate, this is merely a guideline, so don’t freak out if your baby isn’t doing the same things! All little ones are unique and develop at their pace.

  • The first few days will be all about you and your baby getting used to each other.
  • Then within the first few weeks, your baby will start to notice your face, voice, and touch.
  • Keep in mind that at this stage babies can’t focus far off, but you can draw their attention to black and white patterns.
  • On the other hand, their hearing is fully developed, which means they may react to your sounds.
  • It’s possible that your baby will briefly lift her head while they’re on their tummies. Otherwise, they still need neck and head support.

3-Months Development:


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  • Your baby officially begins to smile!
  • They will enjoy playtime, and they will start to babble and mimic your sounds and facial expressions.
  • Head support is no longer needed, and they can easily lift their head while on their stomach.
  • Their hand-eye coordination is now a lot better. For example, you will notice them closely tracking objects that are interesting to them.
  • Oh, and an exciting part is that they’ll be able to recognize you from across the room!
  • Your baby will also be able to open and close his hands, swat at things, and understand his mouths with his hands.

4 To 7 Months Development:


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  • Your baby now smiles, laughs, and babbles all day long; in an attempt to converse with you.
  • They can now move by rolling from their tummy to their back and vice versa
  • They can sit without your help, and they can hold toys and pull objects closer!
  • Now keep in mind that your baby is accustomed to your tone of voice, which means that if you say “no” as a warning, he’ll be able to understand it.
  • When you call them by their name, they officially respond by turning to you.
  • Remember the good ol’ peek-a-boo game? It truly is a big hit with kids because babies enjoy finding objects.
  • Also, they can see in color and here’s a fun pastime – putting them in front of a mirror! They get highly amused.

8 To 12 Months Development:


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  • Prepare yourself for an exploring baby who loves to crawl and scoot around the place.
  • They can now stand up on their own while grabbing onto something.
  • The adorable babble may become clearer. For example, you’ll hear the standard first words – “mama” or “dada” and soon that will turn into simple yet proper phrases.
  • Until then, they use gestures, so you understand what they want or don’t want.
  • Their hands are now more nimble and playing with objects amuses them a lot more. They can even grasp and eat finger food!
  • The cutest part is that your little one will love to mimic you. He will comb his hair, drink from a glass, and pretend to use the phone as well! This behavior may make them seem outgoing, but around strangers, he will be quite shy.

Remember this is just a guideline, but stay tuned for more development guides!


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