A 74-Year-Old Woman Has Given Birth To Twins. Here’s How That’s Possible

A 74-Year-Old Woman Has Given Birth To Twins. Here's How That's Possible 1

A lot of factors come into play if you are planning to give birth. One such major factor has to be age. While the 20s are typically considered to be the best year to give birth, there are many women who beat the biological clock and become a mom in their late 30s.

However, a woman in Andhra Pradesh beat all records when she gave birth to twins at the age of 74. Yes, you heard that right. We too were gobsmacked in knowing how she made it possible. Here’s all you need to know.

According to several news outlets, Mangayamma Yaramati, the woman from the southern part of Andhra Pradesh gave birth to twins at the age of 74. The doctors delivered the twins via C-section. The birth was the culmination of her marriage to Sitarama Rajarao, her husband of 57 years.

A 74-Year-Old Woman Has Given Birth To Twins. Here's How That's Possible 2


The 74-year-old had tried several times and consulted many doctors in the hope of giving birth and is thankful that she had finally given birth. Since Mangayamma had already experienced menopause, the couple opted to conceive through IVF where her husband’s sperm was fertilized with a donor egg.


Though many claim that the 74-year-old is the oldest woman to give birth, it was not verifiable as per the reports. If the woman’s age can be verified, she would be the oldest woman to give birth at the age of 74 and make her entry to the Guinness World Records. Mangayamma would go on to beat Maria Del Carmen Bousada Lara, the woman from Barcelona who delivered twin boys at the age of 66 in September 2006. With that said, it is believed that there is another Indian woman who was in her 70s when she gave birth to a baby boy in 2016.


We are yet to confirm if the 74-year-old will indeed hold a place in the Guinness World Records. But her delivery has definitely stirred up controversies with many opposing IVF for someone of Mangayamma’s age.

According to a leading news portal, when asked how they plan to take care of their kids if anything were to happen to them, Rajarao said that they believe in God and whatever happens, God will take care of it. Mangayamma also revealed how she was called a childless lady by her society because she was unable to conceive

Women who are unable to have children are often stigmatized in the society which puts the added pressure in them to conceive despite the risk that it carries with a high-risk pregnancy. But we hope that Mangayamma and her husband get to enjoy their parenthood and stay healthy and happy.



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