9 Weeks Pregnant | Pregnancy Week by Week

9 Weeks Pregnant | Pregnancy Week by Week 1


How does the baby grow?

The new member of the family is 2.5cm long – the size of a grape and weighs just a few grams. The baby’s shape is starting to look more human. Important body parts are sufficiently formed, although they will be greatly adjusted in the coming months. 

The baby’s heart ends up dividing into four chambers; the valves begin to form. The baby’s “tail” has completely disappeared. The organs, muscles and nerves have shaped. External genitalia has appeared but we still cannot know the gender of the baby. The eyes are fully formed, but the eyelids are closed and will not remain open until the 27th week. The baby has tiny earlobes, mouth, nose and nostrils. The placenta has developed enough to take on the important function of hormone production. 

Now the baby’s basic physiology is formed and ready for rapid weight gain.

9 Weeks Pregnant | Pregnancy Week by Week 2

Changes occurring in the mother’s body during the 9th week of pregnancy

Now moms can clearly feel the existence of the baby inside the body because of frequent morning sickness and other physical symptoms. 

Mood changes are very common this week – the feeling of excitement and fear of being a mother is perfectly normal. Try to avoid feeling drowsy as it’s not good for both mom and baby. 

Activities mom should do this week

Start a daily routine of connecting with the baby. Pregnant women are encouraged to spend 5-10 minutes a day thinking about their babies, most simply after waking up and before going to bed. During these times, sit quietly and gently put hands on the stomach, focus on the breath and start thinking about the baby (hopes and dreams, intentions as a mother, etc). It’s a great way to get in touch with the baby.

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