9 Superhero Names For Baby Girls

9 Superhero Names For Baby Girls 1

The world needs strong women born to make a change and leave a legacy that inspires generations to come. Most parents are excited to name their newborn. They spend days searching for the perfect name that fits their baby: what they aspire their baby to be or stand for.

Superheroes are born with rare and special powers and are much loved by kids and adults alike. They not only speak of strength who fight against the wrong but also stand for virtues like compassion, love, and generosity. If you have envisioned your child to be wise and display strength and compassion, you must consider the superhero baby names. These are inspiring, meaningful, and nonetheless fashionable and modern.

DC and Marvel comic books are a wonderful source of baby name inspiration. If you have not narrowed down on one yet, here is a list of some superhero-inspired girl baby names that you must consider on your list.

1. Jean


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Jean is a popular baby name with Scottish and English origins. It means “God is gracious”. Jean is a popular character in Marvel’sX-Men series known for her empathy and intelligence. She is also one of the prime leaders of the originalX-Men and a famous middle name mainly because of the popular Michael Jackson’s song, “Billie Jean”.

2. Sage


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Sage has Latin roots, and it means “wise and knowing”. Sage is also a herb name that gives it a touch of nature. It’s short yet powerful and has become quite a loved moniker for new parents. Sage happens to be a less-known character from the X-Men universe, built with the sharp mind and analytical prowess of a supercomputer. It’s a cute moniker to consider for your baby girl.

3. Selina


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Selina Kyle was the name of Catwoman, who Batman fell in love with. It’s a soft-sounding yet powerful name for baby girls. A beautiful variation of Selena or Celine, Selina means “moon goodness”. It sounds posh and is a good name for little girls born to make a mark in the world.

4. Scarlet


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Scarlet is a color name that refers to the bright red hue. A famous celebrity bearing this name is Scarlet Johansson. TheAvengers reintroduced the Scarlet Witch. She possesses telekinetic and telepathic abilities that make her so magical and unique. Scarlet has a sophisticated charm that makes it an excellent choice for naming your baby girl.

5. Kamala


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The old school Marvel series brought in a Muslim-American teen with superpowers called Kamala. In Sanskrit, Kamala means “red” or “lotus”. Kamala Harris, the Californian senator, bears this name that has recently given it such raging popularity worldwide. For those who love the sound of Sanskrit monikers, this one is a worthy contender.

6. Kara


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Kara is an Italian name that means “loved, dear, friend”. It’s chic and has mythological linkages, which makes it quite an enchanting moniker. It’s also associated with Kara Danvers, who has been reincarnated and is the protagonist on the CW network’sSupergirlTV series. Kara has a sweet sound and would also go as a cute nickname for your daughter.

7. Munroe


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Munroe in Scottish means “mouth of the Roe river”. It’s a popular member of Marvel’sX-Men series, Ororo Munroe, who is a courageous and formidable character. It’s a great girl name choice for a baby who is destined to create a noteworthy impact and leave an unforgettable mark in the world.

8. Diana


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The alter ego of one of the first female superheroes, Wonder Woman, Diana Prince, is a name that has a legacy of its own. It’s a moniker with Greek origins, meaning “divine”. The vibe of this name is classic, evergreen, and has a royal touch to it. And why wouldn’t it? After all, before Diana became Wonder Woman, she was the Greek goddess of the moon and hunting.

9. Mysa


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Mysa was the name of an other-worldly sorceress who was famously called the White Witch in the Legion of Super Heroes comic books. It’s a stunning moniker that’s pristine and sounds pleasant to the ears. It’s the name of a superheroine who belongs to the vintage era. The spelling variant of the name, Mhysa, is also a moniker that the subjects of the dragon-riding character Daenerys Targaryen of the series, Game of Thrones called her.

Names hold meanings that have a powerful impact on one’s identity. So, it’s important for parents to find a name that not only makes their child stand out but also inspires them to live up to its meaning. These superhero baby girl names listed above are beautiful, strong, and have a lovely appeal. And the list of our favorites will surely guide you in finding the right one that suits your munchkin. What other superhero baby names can you think of? Which among the ones listed above are your favorites? Do share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.


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