8 Pregnancy Myths That People Are Still Unaware Of

8 Pregnancy Myths That People Are Still Unaware Of 1

8 Pregnancy Myths That People Are Still Unaware Of

1. Pregnancy Stress Is Bad

Pregnancy Stress Is Bad

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Research demonstrates that some stress levels benefit the fetus, even though extreme stress might be harmful (1). Pregnancy-related stressors, such as job pressures, are unlikely to harm the health of the mother and baby. The fetus’s nervous system can be toned, and its growth accelerated by using it (2). Even more so, according to research, women who were somewhat stressed throughout pregnancy had 2-week-old babies with brains that were working quicker than those of moms who weren’t worried. But they had better motor and mental development (3). However, high blood pressure and other health concerns can result from prolonged exposure to high-stress levels (4). It can weaken your immune system, making it more likely that you’ll catch an infection while pregnant. For this reason, you should do your best to avoid stressful situations and activities whenever feasible.

8 Pregnancy Myths That People Are Still Unaware Of

2. Expecting Mothers Should Avoid Eating Sweets

Expecting Mothers Should Avoid Eating Sweets

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If your doctor tells you to avoid a food category while you’re pregnant, you should do so. However, some sweets provide medical benefits, such as consuming chocolate daily. In addition, preeclampsia and gestational hypertension risk can be reduced by consuming sweet foodstuff, according to research (5).

3. Exercise Is Not Recommended For Pregnant Women

Exercise Is Not Recommended For Pregnant Women

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Several studies have demonstrated that exercising while pregnant has positive effects on mood and sleep quality (6). Gestational diabetes and other pregnancy issues are less likely, and back discomfort and strain are lessened (7). Pregnancy is a fantastic time to do some exercise. You may not be aware, but when you exercise, your baby gets a workout, too. According to studies, fetuses of physically active pregnant women had lesser heart diseases (8). These are markers of cardiovascular health. As a result,children have smaller birth weights, which may lead to greater intelligence in adulthood (9).

4. Avoid Seafood When Pregnant

Avoid Seafood When Pregnant

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Omega-3 fats and mercury-free seafood may help pregnant women develop intelligent children (10). Higher IQ, more vital social and communication abilities, and superior motor skills were found in children of mothers who ate at least twelve ounces of fish a week while pregnant. In addition, researchers showed that those who ate more fish also had a higher metabolic profile (11).

5. Pregnant Women Are Not Allowed To Consume Caffeine

Pregnant Women Are Not Allowed To Consume Caffeine

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Caffeine, which may be found in soda, espresso, tea, and chocolate, was previously discouraged for expectant mothers. But new research shows that small quantities are safe for the baby. Caffeine may be safely consumed by pregnant women up to 2 cups a day (12).

6. Don’t Lie On Your Back

Don't Lie On Your Back

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While most physicians and experts encourage side sleeping during pregnancy, some pregnant women can (and do) sleep on their backs. It’s a question of personal preference. It is also relatively safe in the first trimester, even though they are still advised to sleep on their side. However, sleeping on your back may not be ideal as your baby develops. Your spinal cord will bear the brunt of your uterus’s weight. For women in their second or third trimester, sleeping on their back may squeeze a major blood artery that delivers blood to the uterus, causing dizziness or even decreasing blood supply to the unborn child (13). During the second and third trimesters, sleeping on your side may be the most beneficial.

7. Eating Pepperoni Pizza Can Harm The Fetus

Eating Pepperoni Pizza Can Harm The Fetus

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Consuming frozen meat is not advised by experts as it has a high concentration of nitrogen, and it must be cooked at a high temperature to ensure it is ideal for the baby (14). But since pepperoni pizza is baked at a high temperature, it is a safe bet to be eaten during pregnancy.

8. Pregnant Women Can’t Engage In Physical Intimacy

Pregnant Women Can't Engage In Physical Intimacy

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When you become pregnant, your child’s safety becomes your first priority. Pregnancy sex is safe unless your physician or midwife tells you otherwise. Research shows that vaginal intercourse during pregnancy does not raise the risk of premature birth or early labor (15). The mucus plug and your uterus make sure your baby is well-protected. However, if you have particular questions or concerns, there is no harm in contacting your doctor about it.

While most people tell you pregnancy is the most magical phase of your life, it’s okay if you aren’t exactly feeling the magic in between all the throwing up and heartburns. Your body makes numerous changes in a short while, and that is what makes it so uncomfortable. However, once you hold your baby in your arms, it’s all worth it! So, would you like to add something to our list? Let us know in the comments section! Have a happy pregnancy!


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