8 Challenges of Raising a Son in This Generation

8 Challenges of Raising a Son in This Generation 1

Raising kids is tough. And raising a son into a man in todayโ€™s society can be especially challenging. Manhood looked much different a few generations ago. It was expected that men worked hard, respected women and children, protected their own at any cost, and their word was their bond. Boys who saw their dads live out these principles every day were ingrained with many of the same manly characteristics.

But over time, things changed.ย Sitcom dads have become nothing more than running jokes. Bold manliness is often discouraged rather than encouraged by our culture.ย These things make for some serious challenges for dads of boys.ย Here are 8 challenges for every dad raising a son in this generation.

1. Challenging him to think for himself.

There are many voices vying for your sonโ€™s attention, trying to tell him what to believe and who to become. Your voice needs to be one of the boldest in helping him to learn how to become his own man.

2. Encouraging him to stand forย absolute truth

8 Challenges of Raising a Son in This Generation


The world is on a mission to neutralize all โ€œtruthโ€ as being equalโ€”to create a world in which we all can believe whatever we want and we can call all of it true. But your son must understand that truth, by its own nature, is exclusive. Otherwise, truth is nonexistent. Regularly have conversations with your son about your perspective of truth concerning the world around him.

3. Reminding him of what true manhood looks like.

Some may think manliness comes from learning how to spit, or shoot, or shout. Help your boy to know that true manliness is not found in proving something but in how one respects another as well as in how he respects himself.

4. Teaching him how to manage his time wisely.

Some boys whoโ€™ve become grown men are still spending more time playing video games than investing in their own families. This is a problem, regardless of what the time-stealing culprit is. A wise man recognizes that he is a steward of the time he has been given and he most likely learned that lesson young.

5. Showing him how to be responsible and dependable.

โ€œGood fathers hold their boys accountable for their words, actions, and commitments.โ€

Good fathers hold their boys accountable for their words, actions, and commitments. Rather than coming to their rescue with excuses or blame, they help their boys rise to the occasion of character, even when itโ€™s hard.

6. Exemplifying what makes a gentleman.

The art of being a true gentleman is not so much taught but caught, and itโ€™s becoming rarer with each generation that passes. So, model it for your son. Open the door for the ladies in your family. Be polite. Use please and thank you and your boy naturally will follow your example.

7. Coaching him toward healthy relationships.

Nothing will affect your son more than his closest relationships. And nothing has the ability to make or break him more than how he handles those relationships. But we live in a society that is so broken when it comes to relationships. Teach your son while heโ€™s youngย how to show respect and grace, to forgive, and to let go when necessary.

8. Training him to walk personallyย with God.

I believe that living a life of dependence upon God is not a sign of weakness but a sign of true manliness. Help your son come to know he is not alone so that even once youโ€™re gone, youโ€™ve instilled within him something far greater than yourself.


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