7 Small Decisions Moms Make During Pregnancy That Could Change Everything

7 Small Decisions Moms Make During Pregnancy That Could Change Everything 1

Soon after you become pregnant, you will often find yourself being advised by one and all. And, at times, this advice will be so complicated that you won’t know where to start. However, have you wondered which of these changes are worth making? What should you be doing to ensure your’s as well as your little one’s well-being? Here, we bring you some of these decisions that can change everything:

1. Keep Moving To Avoid Swelling In Ankles

Keep Moving To Avoid Swelling In Ankles

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All expecting mothers will vouch for how annoying swollen ankles can be. While it does not look flattering, it can be pretty uncomfortable too. But, is there any way you can avoid the agony? Apparently, the answer to this is fairly simple. If you move around more often, it will help with the blood flow. This, in turn, might be able to help you with the unwelcome ankle swellings.

2. Avoid Sushi

Avoid Sushi

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If sushi is your favorite dish, you must be wondering why we are asking you to steer away from it. So, here is the reason for that. There may be certain parasites present in the raw fish, which expecting mothers should try and avoid altogether. But, the silver lining is that sushi is an occasional food and may be relatively easier to let go of. And, you can always have fish with low mercury content to substitute your cravings.

3. Give The Prenatal Multivitamin A Shot

Give The Prenatal Multivitamin A Shot

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Of course, having an adequate amount of vitamins is important during pregnancy. But, there are times when you might feel that food is not enough to provide all these essential nutrients. If that is the case, have a chat with your doctors and figure out a prenatal multivitamin that you can try out. And, make sure that you go for the special prenatal multivitamins rather than the regular ones. Some of these regular multivitamins may not be all that safe for expecting mothers.

4. Be Thorough With Your Medications

Be Thorough With Your Medications

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Have you noticed the warning on several labels advising whether or not it is safe during pregnancy? That is why it becomes all the more important to go through the medication labels carefully when you are expecting. And, it is also important that you consult your doc once about the medications that you had been taking before pregnancy. This is vital since there are some medicines that aren’t safe for your little one.

5. Small But More Frequent Meals

Small But More Frequent Meals

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Don’t you wish sometimes that there was a cure for nausea and morning sickness? Unfortunately, a cure doesn’t exist but there are ways in which you can make this experience a little more bearable. One of the things that you can do is have small meals but just increase its frequency. This may be easier on your digestive system, thus, helping you a bit with unwelcome nausea.

6. Get Some Extra Sleep

Get Some Extra Sleep

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This may not come as a surprise to you that expecting moms need to get more sleep in comparison to a normal person. After all, there is a little person growing inside you, which is no mean feat. So, try and get some extra sleep, especially during the initial phases of pregnancy. And, don’t feel embarrassed about hitting the sack due to exhaustion. This happens to almost every expecting mother.

7. Go For Cleaning Products That Aren’t Toxic

Go For Cleaning Products That Aren't Toxic

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Unfortunately, some cleaning products have certain ingredients that can influence your hormonal levels. While this is not a good news for anyone, it is even more important for expecting mothers to steer away from such cleaning products altogether. But, there are several non-toxic cleaning products available in the market. So, don’t fret and just switch to the non-toxic ones immediately.

Try incorporating some of these decisions into your life. We, at MomJunction, hope that this helps you out in some way. Also, if you can think of something, please let us know in the comments section below!


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