6 Baby Basics You’ll Master In A Month

6 Baby Basics You’ll Master In A Month 1

Your first few weeks as a first-time parent will be an absolute whirlwind. No one expects you to be looking your best, or being super productive with any other business. This special time is reserved for you to bond with your bundle of joy and learn to get to grips with this thing called parenthood. Before you know it, you will have mastered many of the essentials. So, to help you with your learning curve, we pitch in with these 6 baby basics that you can easily master in a month:


  1. Swaddle Your Bundle

Swaddling helps babies relax and sleep well. Spread a light-weight blanket in the shape of a diamond and fold the top portion a bit. Place your baby on his/her back such that the folded top section lines the neck.

6 Baby Basics You’ll Master In A Month 2

Bring the bottom end of the blanket right up to your baby’s tummy and lay it. Do leave some space for the leg movement. With a firm grasp, pull the right corner of the blanket across your baby’s body and tuck it underneath his lower left side. Do the same with the left corner as well by tucking the ends on the right lower side. Tuck any remaining ends at the bottom.

  1. Clip Those Little Claws

A baby’s nails are brittle yet sharp enough to cause cuts or bruises. In fact, many times, babies end up hurting themselves. So, clip your baby’s nails regularly, preferably after a bath or during a siesta. Gently hold their fingertip, and begin from one corner and end at the other. The baby may jerk a bit on contact with the nail cutter, so have a light yet firm grip. If you do end up drawing blood, do not freak out. Wipe the wound with a sterile cotton pad dipped in an antiseptic solution. Do not bandage your baby’s fingers as he/she can choke on it.

  1. Lookout For The Cord

Keep the cord dry and clean. Stick to sponge baths for the first two weeks or until the cord dries and falls off. Use newborn diapers with a cutout or fold down the regular ones to prevent them from grazing against the cord or clamp. Don’t panic if the cord comes into contact with water. But, visit your pediatrician if you see any signs of infection like a yellow discharge, redness, or foul smell.


  1. Wipe The Tush

Slide a water-proof changing mat underneath your baby’s butt before removing the soiled diaper. Keep a clean diaper handy. Now, hold the ankles of your baby with one hand, lift both the legs and use the other hand to remove the soiled diaper.

6 Baby Basics You’ll Master In A Month 3

For a girl, start with delicately wiping off the poop, especially in the folds of the labia. A little white discharge is normal. Finish off by cleaning her butt – front to back. For a boy, start with the butt first and then clean his delicate parts. Put the used wipes in the soiled diaper. Apply diaper rash cream, put on the clean diaper, and close the tabs. Run your finger along the diaper edges near the groin to ensure the fringe, which prevents leakage, isn’t tucked in.


  1. Keep Diaper Rashes At Bay

Avoid keeping soiled diapers on for a long time. Change diapers frequently and generously apply zinc-oxide based diaper creams. Dabbing a few drops of breast milk also helps soothe diaper rashes. Plan a few diaper-free hours whenever possible. If you do see some rashes, blisters, or pus, immediately visit your pediatrician.


  1. Scooping Out Your Baby After A Bath

Most new mothers are scared to lift their baby after a bath as they are slippery. So, here’s the trick. Keep the towel ready on your lap or wherever you want to place your baby. With your baby in a face-up position, slide both your hands under your baby’s underarms.

6 Baby Basics You’ll Master In A Month 4

Use your fingers to support your baby’s head and neck, and, with a firm grasp, lift your baby out of the water. Place your baby with his/her back on the towel, wrap immediately, and you are done!

Now that you’ve got a lowdown of these important basics of newborn baby care, we’re sure you’ll be a master of these in a month’s time.


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