5 Things You Need To Know Before You Wash Your Baby’s Clothes

5 Things You Need To Know Before You Wash Your Baby’s Clothes 1

5 Things You Need To Know Before You Wash Your Baby’s Clothes

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Until you became a parent, you might never have put too much thought into something so trivial as washing clothes. For most of us, it is just a chore, and we do not give a second thought to it. But things are different after the arrival of the little one. You will not hesitate to go to great lengths to make everything perfect and comfortable for your precious gem.

You may have taken care to choose harmless, baby-friendly things to clothe your babe, but to keep the fabrics from losing its gentleness is another task. We have curated a list of things that you need to keep in mind while washing baby clothes.  

1. Always Wash Your Baby’s Clothes Before Use

Always Wash Your Baby’s Clothes Before Use

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The rules for doing laundry have changed. Most of the materials that we use today are synthetic except for pure, organic cotton products. Even the safest of baby clothes may have traces of chemicals, dust, and germs in them. Hence it is advisable that you wash and dry your baby’s clothes even before use.

2. Choose A Laundry Wash Designed For Babies

Choose a Laundry Wash Designed For Babies

Unless you are used to making your own eco-friendly detergent, laundry products are full of harsh chemicals required for removing tough stains. The commonplace laundry product is not the best choice when it comes to your new-born’s clothes. The material of baby clothes is soft and meant to be preserved like that. Choose a baby laundry wash designed keeping in mind the texture of the material as well as the delicate skin of babies. Make sure that it is mild and suitable for your baby’s skin, especially if your baby has sensitive skin. A product likeHimalaya Gentle Baby Laundry Wash might be a good choice. Made with natural agents like Geranium, Neem, and Lemon, it has antibacterial properties. It is gentle and also sanitizes the clothes without wearing them out.

3. Sort The Clothes Before Wash

Sort The Clothes Before Wash

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It goes without saying that baby clothes must be washed separately. Even then, every piece of clothing requires different conditions for washing. Temperature, soaking time, style of washing, these are some factors that may vary for each piece of clothing. Instead of piling up all the baby clothes, choose to separate them according to their washing requirements. Also, it might be a good idea to separate bright colors from the whites.

4. Read The Label Carefully

Read The Label Carefully

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There are two benefits to paying close attention to the labels of products: first, you will get to know what kinds of ingredients go into the making of these products. Because babies are extra-sensitive to their surroundings, it is our duty to keep anything harmful away from them. This tip comes handy when you choose a laundry wash or fabric conditioner. Second, most baby care products come with elaborate instructions on how to use them. Following the instructions carefully will help you make use of the product effectively. This will also help you wash and dry baby clothes properly without damaging them.

5. Wash Cloth Diapers Separately

Wash Cloth Diapers Separately

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Some mothers prefer cloth diapers because they are easy on the baby’s skin. But taking care of cloth diapers and washing them can be tricky. To prevent the spread of germs, cloth diapers should be washed separately and never mixed with baby’s regular clothes. These should be soaked in cold water and then washed in hot water until stains and smell are completely gone. Remember to dry them carefully. A damp cloth on your baby’s body can cause rashes and even infections.  

There is no secret to keeping cute baby dresses cute. Like everything about your baby, their clothes too need attention and care. Making sure that the clothes are soft and free of germs is crucial. If you are still wondering which product to choose, a trusted product like Himalaya’s Baby Laundry Washmay be a good start.


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