5 Reasons Why Your Baby Could Be Born Small In Sɪᴢᴇ

5 Reasons Why Your Baby Could Be Born Small In Sɪᴢᴇ 1

5 Reasons Why Your Baby Could Be Born Small In Sɪᴢᴇ

The process of becoming parents is full of ups and downs. Every parent’s journey is unique, yet the joys, concerns, ᴀɴxɪᴇᴛɪᴇs ᴀɴᴅ ᴀᴘᴘʀᴇʜᴇɴsɪᴏɴs are similar. You only wish for the good health of your baby, pray at every ᴀɴᴛᴇɴᴀᴛᴀʟ ᴠɪsɪᴛ that its growth and development in your womb should meet the standards.

The ᴡᴇɪɢʜᴛ of the baby is generally estimated through the sɪᴢᴇ of the belly. In case, the baby weighs less than 10 percentile mark in terms of the gestational age, it is ᴄᴏɴsɪᴅᴇʀᴇᴅ ᴘʀᴏʙʟᴇᴍᴀᴛɪᴄ. There are a lot of factors that may contribute to the baby being smaller in sɪᴢᴇ. Let us examine the factors in detail and find out if we can predict the sɪᴢᴇ of the unborn baby through the pointers given below.5 Reasons Why Your Baby Could Be Born Small In Sɪᴢᴇ 2

  1. Pre-Mature Baby

If the baby is born before completing its gestational term of 37 weeks, it can be an underᴡᴇɪɢʜᴛ baby. There isn’t a clear reason why a delivery might be ᴘʀᴇ-ᴛᴇʀᴍ, but the most common causes include the mother sᴜFFᴇʀɪɴɢ from health  ᴘʀᴏʙʟᴇᴍs like ɪɴFᴇᴄᴛɪᴏɴs (ʙʟᴀᴅᴅᴇʀ ɪɴFᴇᴄᴛɪᴏɴ, ʀᴜʙᴇʟʟᴀ, sʏᴘʜɪʟɪs, HIV etc.), ᴋɪᴅɴᴇʏ ᴅɪsᴇᴀsᴇ ᴏʀ ɪssᴜᴇs ʀᴇʟᴀᴛᴇᴅ to ɪɴᴄᴏᴍᴘᴇᴛᴇɴᴛ ᴄᴇʀᴠɪx. Sᴏᴍᴇᴛɪᴍᴇs PROM or ᴘʀᴇ-ᴍᴀᴛᴜʀᴇ ʀᴜᴘᴛᴜʀᴇ of ᴍᴇᴍʙʀᴀɴᴇs can also ᴄᴀᴜsᴇ the baby to be born before it  ᴄᴏᴍᴘʟᴇᴛᴇs ɪᴛs ᴛᴇʀᴍ.

  1. Mᴀʟɴᴜᴛʀɪᴛɪᴏɴ

Nutritional habits of the mother during the gestational term have an impact on the child’s birth ᴡᴇɪɢʜᴛ and ɪᴍᴍᴜɴɪᴛʏ Fᴜɴᴄᴛɪᴏɴs. If the mother doesn’t have a balanced, wholesome diet during her pregnancy, the baby doesn’t receive nutrients to develop properly. This can lead to low ᴡᴇɪɢʜᴛ gain in the baby.

  1. Gᴇɴᴇᴛɪᴄ Factors
    5 Reasons Why Your Baby Could Be Born Small In Sɪᴢᴇ 3

If one or both the parents of the to-be-born child are of a petite frame, there are chances of the baby being smaller in sɪᴢᴇ. The same stands for the bigger babies as well. It is a natural factor. It is always good to clarify the possibilities of any long-term effects of having a small baby.

  1. Bʟᴏᴏᴅ Pʀᴇssᴜʀᴇ and heart Cᴏɴᴅɪᴛɪᴏɴs

If you have heart ʀᴇʟᴀᴛᴇᴅ ɪssᴜᴇs and increased ʙʟᴏᴏᴅ ᴘʀᴇssᴜʀᴇ, there are chances of ʟᴇss supplly of  ɴᴜᴛʀɪᴇɴᴛs and ᴏxʏɢᴇɴ to the baby. It can even ᴄᴀᴜsᴇ ᴘʀᴇ-ᴇᴄʟᴀᴍᴘsɪᴀ, in which the  ᴘʟᴀᴄᴇɴᴛᴀ Fᴜɴᴄᴛɪᴏɴs are ᴀFFᴇᴄᴛᴇᴅ. It can result in the baby being smaller in sɪᴢᴇ. In fact, sᴛᴜᴅɪᴇs sᴜɢɢᴇsᴛ that such babies can grow up into adults having ʜɪɢʜ ʙʟᴏᴏᴅ ᴘʀᴇssᴜʀᴇ

  1. More Than One Baby
    5 Reasons Why Your Baby Could Be Born Small In Sɪᴢᴇ 4If there are more than one baby in the ᴜᴛᴇʀᴜs, there will be limited space for them to grow and develop. That is why often they are born with low birth ᴡᴇɪɢʜᴛ. If the babies don’t have ᴀɴʏ ʜᴇᴀʟᴛʜ ᴄᴏᴍᴘʟɪᴄᴀᴛɪᴏɴs, they can grow up to be perfectly normal babies.

You could have a small baby due to the factors mentioned above. If there are any health issues, they can be addressed with ᴍᴇᴅɪᴄᴀʟ intervention. Apart from that, healthy and balanced diet of the mother and the child and an optimum environment for its growth will ensure that its sɪᴢᴇ doesn’t remain a matter of concern.


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