26 Expectations of a Husband From His Wife After Marriage

26 Expectations of a Husband From His Wife After Marriage 1

After we get married and spend the first few weeks and months together, we get comfortable and show how we really are at home.

However, this is also where our efforts subside. For some, being married is achieving the ultimate goal and you’re already wearing that around your finger.

Often, wives would start talking about the changes they see with their husbands.

They would talk about their expectations from their husbands, but we don’t hear so much about a husband’s expectations from his wife, right?

We all have expectations in a relationship, and it’s just right that we should also be aware of what husbands want in their married life.

We pay little attention to a husband’s expectations from his wife because men aren’t vocal about what they want. In the end, we assume that they’re okay and happy.

Men are less expressive, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have expectations or that they don’t feel disappointed when their basic needs aren’t met.

How much do you know about your husband’s basic needs?

A study conducted by Abraham Maslow talks about the hierarchy of needs. If these needs are met, you will be a self-actualized person.

What’s a self-actualized person anyway?

It’s when a person accepts themselves fully and others for who they are. They are free from guilt because they are happy with themselves. Thus, they also acknowledge the people around them the same way.

But before you become a self-actualized person, it’s just right that you need to satisfy your own basic needs.

This also works in marriage. If you want to have a harmonious marriage, you must each work on and satisfy each one’s basic needs.

How familiar are you with what husbands need from their wives?

Did you know that a husband has 5 basic needs? Aside from these basic needs, it will also help if we are familiar with what a man wants from his wife.

By knowing the different husband’s expectations from his wife, you would get the idea of what you can do to make sure that he’s satisfied and happy.

26 husband’s expectations from his wife

Couple preparing for dinner

What does a husband expect from his wife?

Aside from the 5 basic needs, there are lots of expectations from a wife. At the end of this article, it will be up to you if you think these are reasonable expectations of a husband from his wife.

Here are the different husband’s expectations from his wife, and we’ll also include the 5 basic needs.

1. Faithfulness

When you have said your vows, and you accepted that wedding ring, it means you have pledged your loyalty to your husband.

Faithfulness is what a husband expects from his wife.

It means that, if faced with temptation, one should resist and remain loyal to their spouse.

No matter what problems you are experiencing, it is expected that a wife should remain faithful to her husband.

2. Honesty

One of the expectations of a man in a relationship is that his spouse should be honest at all times.

If you want to have a harmonious marriage, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be honest with your husband, right?

A couple must communicate and be honest with one another. This goes to all aspects of your married life.

3. Understanding

What a husband expects from his wife is to be understanding.

There will be a couple of times where your husband may be busy with his work. This may look like he has no time, but instead of getting angry, understand his situation.

This is just one example where you, as a wife, would give him a hug and assure him that you understand. Be your man’s source of strength.

Emotional intimacy is an important part of a successful marriage. Watch what Steph Anya, a Marriage Therapist has to say about building emotional intimacy.


4. Caring

One of the husband’s expectations from his wife is to be caring.

It won’t be hard to ask your husband how his day went. You can also show him you care by preparing his favorite dinner.

Massage him and give him a power hug.

These things are free, yet they can recharge your husband’s mental and emotional strength. It’s always nice to show your husband that you care for him.

5. Sweet

No husband can resist a sweet wife – that’s for sure.

Instead of yelling at him for not helping you, why not ask him using a sweet and calm tone of voice?

“Hey, sweetie, would you mind watching the kids for a while? I’ll cook your favorite soup.”

You can also show your sweetness by leaving a small “I love you” note on his lunch box.

Don’t be shy and show your husband your sweet side – he’ll love it!

6. Respectful

What the husband expects from his wife is to be respected as the man of the house.

This is also the foundation of a good marriage.

No matter how many challenges you’re facing, don’t let your husband feel that you no longer have respect for him.

Remember, respect your spouse the way you want to be respected.


7. Love

Couple working in kitchen

What a husband needs from his wife is unconditional love.

The moment you are married, your husband wishes that your love would see through all the challenges that you will both face.

Your spouse may not be too vocal about it, but he expects his wife to be there for him and love him even if he’s not perfect.

There will be times where this love is tested, but if it’s strong enough, this love will protect your marriage.

8. Ambitious

Some men are intimidated if their wives are ambitious; some men will fall in love with them.

One of the husband’s expectations from his wife is to be a go-getter. He expects his wife to be ambitious and driven.

Be the wife who will support her husband and be there for him as he succeeds.

Be a woman with contagious energy and ambitions that will drive your husband to reach his goals.

9. Beautiful 

Did you know that this isn’t just one of the expectations of a husband from his wife, but also belongs to a man’s 5 basic needs?

Stay attractive not just for your husband but for yourself and for your well-being. Don’t stop being pretty just because you’re busy.

We’re not saying you should be in full glam every day, but just make sure you still look beautiful.

Shower, shave, comb your hair. You can also put some BB cream and gloss. Brush your hair and put on some cologne.

We understand that sometimes, even getting a shower becomes a challenging task, especially if you have a baby, but it’s not impossible.

Maybe, if you try,  you can make it work.

10. Smart

For men, an intelligent and educated woman is attractive.

Your husband would appreciate it if he could have a deep conversation with his wife. It’s better if she can share her thoughts, inputs and show off her skills if they’re running a business.

A smart woman is always sexy.


11. Healthy

What do husbands want from their wives?

A husband would love to see his wife healthy. He loves her so much that to see her living an unhealthy lifestyle or be weak will break his heart.

Your husband expects you to be healthy. He wants you to take care of yourself and exercise. It’s something that you should be glad to fulfill.

Be healthy and enjoy each other’s company until you’re old and gray.

12. Sensual and sexy

A husband expects his wife to be in touch with her sensuality and sexuality.

If you can be in touch with your femininity, know what makes you happy, and know what it is you want, then your sex appeal will definitely make your husband crave for you even more.

We shouldn’t remove this part of the relationship, even if you already have kids or even if you’re busy. It’s one of the things that keeps the fire burning.

Aside from that, feeling sexy will boost your confidence, right?

13. Mature

Flirting couple

When you tie the knot, you expect growth and maturity.

We want to settle down. That means we want to be with someone mature.

No more petty fights or insecurities. We want stability, confidence, and maturity. Your husband expects you to act mature and focus on the things that matter.

14. Independent

Your husband might be dependable and caring, but deep inside, he also expects you, his wife, to be independent.

While he would love to be there for you, he also wants you to know what you’re capable of. Wouldn’t it be a big turn-off if you would call your husband over things you can do?

As a woman, it’s also good to keep some aspects of your independence even if you’re married.

15. Supportive 

The second of the five basic needs of men is having a supportive wife. There can be many ways to show your support to your husband.

If your husband is the one working, you can support him by making sure that he goes home to a clean house and has nutritious food to eat.

This way, you’re supporting his health and well-being.


16. Admiration 

Have you found yourself being sad because your husband doesn’t seem to know how to appreciate, recognize and admire you as his wife?

They, too, can feel the same way towards us, their wives.

Men also crave attention, recognition, and even appreciation.

Don’t hesitate to give these to him. It’s one of his basic needs that can boost his self-confidence, and believe it or not, this can boost him to be better.

Who doesn’t want to hear words of appreciation and admiration?

You can say, “I love it when my husband cooks our favorite meal! I’m so lucky to have him!”

You can also send him a random text saying that you appreciate him being a hands-on father.

Better yet, just hug him and say ‘thank you.’

 17. A good mother

Happy couple with their kid in park

Of course, when you have a family, your husband also expects you to be a good mother to your children.

Even if you have your own career, your husband still wants to see you being there for the kids.

On your days off, you can play with them and teach them.

If you choose to be a full-time housewife and mother, your husband would expect you to be hands-on with your kids and with him as well.

18. A great cook

Every husband wants or expects his wife to know how to cook, right?

While it won’t affect his love and respect, it’s a bonus to have a wife that knows how to prepare delectable meals.

Imagine if he comes home, and you’ve prepared a warm home-cooked meal for him. Wouldn’t his stress just melt away?

19. Good conversationalist

Let’s face it; another expectation of a man from his wife is for her to be a great conversationalist.

Everyone wants to have that deep conversation where the both of you can talk about anything, share your opinions, and just be able to understand one another.

20. Great in handling finances

If you want to be successful, you need to save for your future.

A man who works hard expects his wife to handle their finances properly.

If you know how to budget and save your money, then your husband will surely be proud of you. This is another way to support your husband.


21. Great in bed 

What husbands want sexually is a wife who knows how to please her husband.

We don’t want our love-making sessions to be boring, right? Make sure to surprise your husband by showing him what you’re capable of – in bed.

Why is this important?

It’s important because sexual intimacy is another foundation of a strong marriage, and it’s also one of the basic needs of men.

22. Stop complaining

Men don’t appreciate when their wives nag or complain.

However, we also know that wives would only do this if there’s a valid reason.

You can’t expect your wife to just smile even though her husband is already crossing the line.

Now, while there may be a valid reason to do so, sometimes, it’s also nice to be calm and try a different approach.

Take a day off and just hug your man. You can also talk to him on his days off or when he’s relaxing. Use a different communication style.

Even if you’re angry, give your husband some time to rest, especially when he has just come home from work.

23. Loves his family

It’s wonderful if you respect your husband, but it would be better if you would respect his family as well.

The reality is, not everyone will be on good terms with their in-laws, right?

He would appreciate it if you would try a little harder to be a daughter to his parents. He expects you to put in a little more effort so that you can all get along.

24. Knows how to make the first move

Men love women who know how to make the first move.

Don’t be shy. He’s your husband, and he’s the person whom you can show your sexy and sensual side.

If you make the first move, it makes him feel special and wanted.

Remember that sexual intimacy is also a very important part of strengthening your marriage.


25. Recreational companion 

While your husband likes to hang out with the boys, he also expects his wife to be his recreational partner.

He may love watching sports, playing mobile games, hiking, and so much more. Of course, all of these would be fun if you could join him, right?

Your marriage will blossom into something more if you know how to be a friend and a recreational partner to your spouse.

You’re lucky if you both like the same things!

26. Be one of the boys

That’s right. Your husband may not be vocal about it, but he would love it if you would be one of the boys.

You don’t necessarily have to join them whenever they go out.

What does this mean?

It means that you should be ‘cool’ when his friends are around. You can even cook them snacks while they’re watching the game.

Surprise him with beers, chips, and you know what would be awesome?

Join them as they enjoy the game and be genuinely interested in it.

Meeting his expectations, is it really necessary?

Happy attractive couple

Marriage, as we all know, is a lifelong commitment. So the answer here is ‘yes.’

This includes meeting or, at the least, striving to meet each other’s needs.

You should not view this as having a spouse who is ‘too’ needy but as a way to understand their needs and wants.

We often want our husbands to be sensitive to our needs, expectations, and wants. So why can’t we do the same for them?

If you choose to do these things, do it because you love your spouse and not because you don’t have a choice.

Both husband and wife should commit and strive to make their marriage strong and harmonious. No one is perfect and most of us can’t possess all these traits, but as long as we’re trying, then that’s already a big step.


Expectations can affect your relationship.

They can either teach us how to be content or make us realize that we’re not getting what we deserve.

If we know our husband’s expectations from his wife, we can analyze if they are realistic expectations or not.

From there, you can reflect if you’re providing him his basic needs and if you’re already doing what he expects from you.

We also have to remember that some of these expectations are beneficial for you, such as taking care of your health and staying attractive.

Remember that marriage is your lifelong commitment.

You’ve promised to love and support each other, and this comes with doing your best to meet your spouse’s needs.

It won’t hurt to talk and get a deeper understanding of what your husband wants, and most importantly, do this not because you want to please him or be the perfect wife.

Do these things because you love him and you’re happy.


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