22 Beautiful Baby Boy Names That Are Now So Overused

22 Beautiful Baby Boy Names That Are Now So Overused 1

Over the years, with changing times, parents have begun looking out for names that are creative as well as unique. Everyone wants their kids to have a name that stands out from the crowd. And, finding that extraordinary name can be a tedious, yet amusing task!

Most parents start making a list as soon as they hear the news of pregnancy for the first time. Some even draw an inspiration from places or things. But most new-age parents want to steer away from names that were once a rage but have now become just too common! While few of these names have been used for generations, others just succumb quickly to the frantic stardom. Whatever might be the case, these names, though beautiful, soon get categorized as “overused”.

To help you with this overwhelming work, we have joined in. We have prepared a list of 22 baby-boy names that were awesome once upon a time, but are now entirely redundant. If your due date is around the corner and you’re looking for a unique name, you might want to have a look at this list as well:

1. Rahul

Quite popular among boys, the name “Rahul” means “conqueror of all miseries”. It became quite a rage with superstars like Shah Rukh Khan donning this name in many movies!

2. Aditya

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An evergreen choice for parents while naming baby boys, it signifies “sun” or “beginning”. And, the common nickname for Aditya is, of course, Adi.

3. Raj

The name ‘Raj’ too became popular after being used in movies, time and again! It means “king” in Sanskrit.

4. Ankur

The name that means “flower” or “blossom” has been chosen by parents, one and all, for years now!

5. Arjun

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This name is a traditional favorite among parents, probably also because of its relationship with the Mahabharata’s glorious hero. The name has a beautiful meaning too – “brave, honor, and bright”.

6. Muhammad

This popular Indian baby boy name that is spelled in alternate ways too means “the praised one”.

7. Aryan

A name that means “destiny” and “good luck” gradually found its way into households of every nook and corner.

8. Dhruv

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A famous name, “Dhruv” signifies the pole star. This Indian origin name is, in fact, quite popular across the world.

9. Krish

A modern alternative name of the Indian God “Krishna”, it is the desired choice by parents as they want their child to imbibe the same qualities as Him. The same demeanor, intellect, and wit!

10. Ishaan

The second name of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva, Ishaan, means the “herald of riches” and “sun”. Easy to pronounce with such a beautiful meaning, this name is quite in demand!

11. Kabir

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Famous for generations now, “Kabir” signifies “greatness”. This was also the name of a popular Indian Sufi saint.

12. Ajay

Also the name of an Indian superstar, “Ajay” refers to someone who is invincible. This honor was also given to the triumphant kings in ancient India.

13. Om

A name that had become outdated a few years ago made a raging comeback recently. And how? In Hindu scriptures, this word is a sacred syllable.

14. Akshay

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The name’s popularity increased manifold because of the Indian megastar “Akshay Kumar”. What adds to its adulation is the name’s significance – “immortality”.

15. Prem

This one became a household name because of all the famous Sooraj Barjatya movies. More so, since the famous personality, Salman Khan usually took on the roles in those movies. This name means “love”.

16. Ramesh

This name is also hugely popular because of its association with the Indian mythology. Another name for Lord Vishnu, it refers to a “savior”.

17. Rohit

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A name that signifies “the sun’s first rays”, is widely used across the entire country; it spreads positive vibes.

18. Vijay

Another name that found its popularity due to the evergreen actor Amitabh Bachchan using it in a majority of his earlier film roles.

19. Mason

It is an English occupational name for people who work with stones. With popular celebs like Kourtney Kardashian keeping this name for her son, “Mason” became quite a rage!

20. Noah

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This one has become ridiculously popular across the world. This means “wandering” or “rest” in Hebrew.

21. Micheal

Name of many eminent personalities, “Micheal” has been a favorite for quite a lot of parents.

22. James

The “James Bond” fever did really catch on. So much so that many parents fell for this name!

So, all the parents out there who are looking for something rare, these names aren’t the ones for you! Happy parenthood to all of you!


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