20 Tips For New Moms To Help You Ease Into Motherhood

20 Tips For New Moms To Help You Ease Into Motherhood 1

So after going through all the troubles, pregnancy has to offer, you finally delivered your little munchkin. You take a sigh of relief that now you wonโ€™t have to feel miserable all the time, you no longer need to remain sleep deprived, that you will finally have some time for self-care. Wait!! The hustle has just begun. Welcome to the 4th trimester a.k.a motherhood. You donโ€™t even get the time to recover from your exhausting birth experience, because now you need to take care of a tiny, helpless little human being.

Motherhood is not easy, but you donโ€™t have to figure everything out on your own. Here we are sharing 20 practical tips which will help you in your parenting journey:

#1 Maintain hygiene

hygiene is important

#2 Keep the umbilical cord dry

umbilical cord care

#3 Stay hydrated

drink more fluids

#4 Breastfeeding may hurt in the beginning

breastfeeding hurt

#5 Eat healthy

eat nutritious food

#6 Help her sleep on her own

help baby sleep on own

#7 Donโ€™t buy fancy dresses

no fancy dress

#8 Best motion to calm baby

how to calm baby

#9 Read a storybook

read to your child

#10 Go for an outing

get outside

#11 Take a break

take a time out

#12 Get baby asleep fast

baby sleep tips

#13 Holding your newborn wonโ€™t spoil them

hold baby when cry

#14 Taking care of a one-month-old

one month old care

#15 Treat and prevent diaper rash

how to avoid diaper rash

#16 Preventing stomach gas in babies

preventing baby gas

#17 Help your baby learn to talk

how to get baby talking

#18 Signs baby is ready to hold the bottle

baby ready for bottle

#19 Time to start solids

baby solid foods

#20 Most importantly

let people help

We hope these tips will make your demanding job of being a mom, little bit easier. As they say, it takes a village to raise a child, so donโ€™t suffer alone. Take the help of your friends and family. It is essential for a new mom to be kind and patient with herself. Bringing a life into this world and raising it is a daunting task, so you need to be appreciated for this.


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