17 Totally Relatable Pregnancy Situations

17 Totally Relatable Pregnancy Situations 1

Many a time, pregnancy can be pretty stressful. This can make you feel quite lonely. You have so much to worry about. From your health to the baby’s wellness, you tend to feel pressured. And that is entirely OK. Mommies all around the world experience unique pregnancies, but they all have something in common. Many situations are very relatable to women who are pregnant. We have compiled a few of the most relatable situations that will strike a chord with you and make you laugh a bit.

#1 Using baby bump to hold your food

belly table

#2 When pregnancy hormones take control

pregnancy hormones

Via: IG @kosogkaos

#3 When you end up sleeping on your back

sleeping on back pregnancy

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#4 When you feel that first kick

first baby kick

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#5 When you can’t stop scratching

must not itch pregnancy

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#6 When husband’s clothes feel more comfortable to wear

pregnant wearing husband tshirt

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#7 When baby is sitting on bladder

don't need to pee

#8 When you have that con trac tion

pregnancy contractions

IG: @agustinaguerrero

#9 When jeans don’t fit anymore

when jeans don't fit pregnancy

#10 When you don’t want to do anything

lazy pregnancy

#11 When everyday tasks become a struggle

pregnancy shoe wear difficulty

IG: nathaliejomard

#12 When you approach third trimester

third trimester


#13 When there are not enough pillows

not enough pillow pregnancy

Source: Guada Suárez

#14 When picking the keys from under the doormat is a real struggle

picking something from floor pregnancy

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#15 When you are a sack of weight and walking is a TASK

feeling so heavy pregnant

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#16 When you want to eat healthy but all you crave is junk food

pregnancy cravings

IG ritavigovszky

#17 When absurd questions and comments annoy you

annoying questions pregnancy

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Do not worry about feeling lonely in this adventure. We hope that you found this post relatable and it helped lighten the mood a little. When it comes to pregnancy, what you need to realize is that you are doing better than you think. Every mommy wants the best for their baby, which is completely fine. You should know that it is important to not stress out during pregnancy as it can affect your baby as well. be sure to check out our other posts for more relatable content.


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