16 Awesome Things About Being Pregnant

16 Awesome Things About Being Pregnant 1

Pregnancy gathers quite a bad reputation for being a torturous and tedious experience for a woman who is eagerly anticipating the delivery of her child. Pregnancy is in no way easy. But there are many things to love about the experience. There are quite a few things that are unique to the experience that you are going to miss when the baby comes out. Here are some of them:

#1 Shop all you want!

pregnant shopping

You have everyone’s approval to buy everything you need for your baby (and yourself) and for the first time, no one is going to (or dares to) frown or raise an eyebrow. Buy everything that you need and more- shopping has never been more fun or exciting. Your partner is likely to join the frenzy too and add adorable printed feeding bottles or baby warmers into the mix- enjoy this while it lasts.

#2 Dress comfy- don’t worry about the trends

pregnant woman happy

Nobody in their right mind would dare judge a pregnant woman for her clothes- you can wear what you want and dress how you like- your comfort is all that matters! You don’t have to adorn skinny jeans or high heels if you don’t want to- show up to the club and get your virgin mojito in that pretty flowery flowy dress and no one is going to bat an eye: mommy privileges! Meanwhile, floaters and sandals are so in as are big tummies this mommy season.

# 3 Your hair is amazing. Zero effort!

pregnancy hair thicker

That’s right- here’s the deal. You have all these hormones going around that have earned quite the bad rep for being destructive, putting you in bad moods, and whatnot. But no one focuses on the great side of having all these hormones in play- your hair is thick, shiny, and smooth- all at once. And you know you love it! At least for these nine months, you don’t have to worry about your hair not looking simply fabulous every day.

#4 A great conversation starter – every single time!

pregnant woman with friend

Don’t worry about having nothing to talk about when you bump into a stranger on a long elevator ride or sit next to them on a subway. With that baby bump getting bigger and bigger, there is always something to talk about. If you are seated next to a mother, they will tell you to enjoy these days as well! Making conversations and getting rid of awkward silences have never been simpler.

#5 Flaunting that yummy tummy!

pregnant woman happy touching bump

You never have to suck in your tummy while posing for a photograph now, and it’s okay if your posture isn’t perfect- the attention is going to be all on the bump. Show off your tummy by wearing crop tops and standing proud for photographs that highlight just how happy and glowing you are even with a bump the size of the moon!

#6 Special bonding with your partner

pregnancy couple happy

Initially, for quite a few months, you will not want to tell anyone and everyone that you’re pregnant and that’s great- you don’t have to. For now, this is a special secret that you and your partner share and it’s your own little world now where a little plus one is waiting to join the party. You find intimate and beautiful moments between you and your partner as you wait for your baby to say hello!

#7 All that attention, and some more!

Everyone around you is happy for you and wherever you go, all eyes are on you. You are the center of attention everywhere, all thanks to that wonderful little bump. Everyone suddenly has so many questions about you, your life, and your baby. And even if you are shy, you enjoy the attention anyway.

#8 Your parents are simply delighted!

If your parents, like most, have been hinting about wanting to get little baby feet running around their house and wanting to read stories to their grandchildren, well, well, well. No one is going to be happier- not even you or your partner- than your parents when you break the news to them and their happiness is all you need to keep you going.

#9 Nine months- no periods

woman worried about periods

Finally- a long, well-deserved break from having to bleed every month and suffer from relentless cramps. Take a breather and sit back- pregnancy is the much-needed break from your uterus squeezing the life out of you. It finally has a purpose and is busy being a gracious host- while you can lock away those tampons for the better part of a year.

#10 Don’t want to carry your bags? You don’t have to

You’re not supposed to lift anything heavy anyway and this is a great time to not carry your shopping bags, groceries, or anything around ever again for quite a while. Let everyone else carry everything heavy around you for once when you sit back and pat your belly- even if the bump is not evident yet.

#11 There’s a seat for you, everywhere

giving away seat to pregnant woman in bus train

Be it the bus, the train, the subway, the park, or even a regular social gathering- everyone makes space for mummies. Pregnancy bumps become very handy when you’re anticipating a long ride in a crowded bus or train.

#12 You can blame your belly

You can get away with so many things by just blaming it on your pregnancy and no one can really stay mad at you for long. If you want to be extra dramatic or let out some frustration and tell someone exactly how you feel, now is the time to do so.

#13 All those massages!

husband giving a massage to pregnant wife

Whether something is actually hurting or not (it mostly is) you can cash in on many massages during this period and don’t even have to return the favour. You can demand that the massages go exactly the way you like them.

#14 Nap all you want

pregnant woman tired

Doze off whenever you want and don’t bother giving any explanations as to why you need to sleep at 2 pm and then again at 6 pm. Your doctor agrees that you need all the rest you can get and everyone best believes it.

#15 Baby Brain to the Rescue

You don’t have to remember to take the trash out or do anything that you really don’t want to. You can just say that you are being forgetful due to the baby brain and nobody can get mad at you for that now, can they?

#16 Everyone is super nice to you!

Enjoy this while it lasts- everyone simply loves you and forgives you no matter what you do and say when you’re pregnant. Act jealous, crazy, and everything else you’ve been bottling up inside, diva! Now’s the time to shine.

These little incidences of joy don’t last long but that doesn’t really matter- your life is going to turn from happy to ecstatic in a matter of months. Still, it’s about the little things, right?


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