15 Surprising Pregnancy Facts

15 Surprising Pregnancy Facts 1

15 Surprising Pregnancy Facts

If you think that pregnancy is all about a simple process that starts with carrying a baby inside your womb and then ends with becoming a parent after the delivery, you are oblivious of many facts. Pregnancy is a phase that is full of some facts that may leave many people with their jaws dropped and eyes wide-opened! Here are some absolutely surprising facts about pregnancy that you must know about.

Baby can hear you inside the womb

babies can hear inside womb

Although they are inside the womb, they can hear the voices from the outside world. At about 18 months old in the womb, the baby starts hearing the mother’s voice but cannot respond to it. After 25 weeks, his senses grow and he becomes responsive to the voices from the outside world.

Your uterus gets a lot bigger

uterus gets bigger

Guess what! Before pregnancy, the uterus is around just the same size as an orange. But it expands in order to accommodate the fetus and the placenta together. You will be amazed to know that it stretches and while keeping the cervix firm, it can be acout the size of a watermelon by third trimester.

Your baby cries even before birth

baby cry in womb

Do you think that your little one only sheds tears after he arrives in the real world? Well, in your third trimester, he cries silently in your womb.

It was discovered by accident while performing studies on other aspects of the pregnancy. They played a sound near pregnant ladies and they could see some babies opening their mouths and startling in the womb.

Babies can taste certain foods in the womb

babies can taste in womb


Amniotic fluid, fluid in your body, helps your baby to taste certain foods even he is inside your womb. Some strong flavors like garlic and onions can transfer themselves through Amniotic fluid to the babies.

The husband may also observe the same symptoms

husband pregnancy symptoms

Your husband is also likely to experience some of the same symptoms as you do in your pregnancy. This tendency can be associated with couvade syndrome also known as sympathetic pregnancy. It can occur psychologically, or out of compassion for their wives as after watching her feeling nausea, backache, and many other pregnancy symptoms.

You heart grows bigger

heart grows bigger pregnancy

Does this happen because of the affection and love towards your baby? Well, kind of! The heart you possess in your body gets bigger while you are pregnant as the walls of the ventricles have to get thicker because your heart has to pump more blood for the baby too.

So do your feet

feet grow bigger pregnancy

Due to all that extra fluid and water retention, many pregnant women report an increase in feet size.

Someone was pregnant for 375 days

longest pregnancy

Can you believe it? The longest time ever! The typical pregnancy lasts for approximately 280 days. But in 1945, a lady had to wait for a whopping three more months to deliver her baby.

Some babies are born with teeth

baby born with tooth

Well, it is not a very common phenomenon. According to data,  1 out of 3,000 babies is born with teeth.  These have to be removed by the doctor as a mother feels difficulties while breastfeeding her child. Also, these teeth are usually loose natal teeth that can be risky for the baby as he can inhale them.

Pregnant women are more prone to broken bones

pregnancy broken bones

Pregnant women need to be extra caareful during pregnancy as they can easily get a bone injury. A hormone called relaxin is released by the body to soften the joints. This helps in opening up your pelvis area for delivery of the baby. So try to avoid any activity during pregnancy which can result in an injury.

You may start to lactate whenever you hear a baby cry

This is all automatic or you can say “motherly love” that some pregnant ladies happen to lactate on hearing the sound of a baby crying. It doesn’t have to be their own child. Isn’t it super cute!

Tall body = Multiple babies

Not in all cases, in some certain scenarios it has been seen that a tall woman is more likely to bear twin pregnancies. One of the many perks of being tall!

You can get pregnant while you are pregnant

Although sex during pregnancy is entirely normal, there is a possibility that you can conceive while you are pregnant with a different due date for both babies.

More estrogen levels in your body

A pregnant woman produces more of this hormone in a day as compared to a woman who is not pregnant does during a whole year. It happens during the third trimester when the placenta alone gets capable of producing it in a huge amount. The dark line on your tummy and the thick hair is the result of it.

The forgetful brain 

While you are pregnant, do not panic if you ever forget why you stepped into the kitchen or why did you call someone? This happens to most pregnant ladies while in the process of welcoming a new life into the world. Do not get demotivated with this “pregnant brain” as it is completely normal! Growing a tiny human inside your body is a big deal after all!


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