10 Things Every Pregnant Woman Does When She’s Finally Alone

10 Things Every Pregnant Woman Does When She's Finally Alone 1


If there is any phenomenon that can spin a woman into a temporary world of strange habits, it got to be MOTHERHOOD.

With the arrival of the baby, a woman’s world is filled with responsibilities, and there is hardly any scope to de-stress. Hence the period of pregnancy is perfect to do things that make her happy, however crazy they may seem.

It is not easy when a mind is bloated with body-changes, cravings, mood swings, dizziness, and nausea. That is why there is a need to escape into undisturbed privacy where a to-be-mother can relax, unwind, be herself and do things that she feels like.

But what is interesting to know is WHAT does she do behind the closed doors? What are the things that keep her pre-occupied and unguarded?

Let us take you to ten such things that a pregnant woman does when she gets time of her own:

1: – Constantly Fiddling With Her Belly

Constantly fiddling with her belly

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The act of caressing one’s tummy is almost like nuzzling the little part of you inside. It makes you aware of motherhood and to bond and connect with your baby. It also has a soothing effect on our body and adds positivity to our mood in general.

2: – Some Body Parts Are Not Visible Without A Mirror

Some body parts are not visible without a mirror

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It is sometimes quite necessary to check out one’s own image in confidentiality, and with a protruding belly, it can be a task. The to-be-mum slowly comes to terms with the changing body, hairline, waistline and what not! With correct guidance and antenatal workouts, she finally manages to successfully maneuver her body or the mirror and then have a closer look!

3: – Binge Eating

Binge eating

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How can an expectant lady resist the temptation of gulping, slurping and hogging, especially now that she has the license do so? Certainly, certain things are off the radar, but there’s no stopping to the day, mid-day, night or midnight munching. And to do so in the comfort of her own company is bliss.

4: – Doesn’t Bother About The Fitting Of Her Clothes Anymore

Doesn’t bother about the fitting of her clothes anymore

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One more private pre-occupation of a to-be-mum is to rummage through the wardrobe and check which piece of clothing you can still slip into and have a mini celebration about it. With the growing baby bump, one buys new maternity wear but, as the due date approaches, buying new clothes doesn’t make much sense. When the person is by herself, she needn’t worry about the shirts being too snug or a belly button playing peek-a-boo through it.

5: – Musing About Her Old Wardrobe

Musing about her old wardrobe

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Even if one had children before, the secret anxiety of parting with one’s favorite garments post pregnancy is a nagging thought that every woman faces. It is also because every pregnancy is different and shedding that extra weight may not always happen. It makes the pregnant woman think about her old clothes and secretly wish to be able to wear them again.

6: – Googles All Her Anxieties And Worries

Googles all her anxieties and worries

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With the information overload around the globe, an anxious to-be- mother can’t escape obsessing over the search engines to give answers to her fears, stress, and nervousness. Since it can be quite nerve-wracking for her partner as well, she is magnanimous enough to do it in her own space, fretting and fussing over small and big pregnancy complications, all of which she imagines she has in varying proportions.

7: – Catching Up With The Favorite Shows

Catching up with the favorite shows

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The period of gestation is the perfect time to catch up with one’s favorite shows, which are otherwise unsuitable for family viewing. It is not only refresh her but also deviates the mind completely off all the pregnancy woes.

8: – Napping


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Cat-naps to deep dozing, nothing beats a good sleep to restore all the pregnancy exhaustion. And with all the sleeping on sides (SOS) positions, it may get difficult to have a sound sleep as the belly grows bigger. So, as and when there is time, space and solitude, it’s time to hit the bed.

9: – Stretching Drills

Stretching drills

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To have the comfort of privacy is great to carry on prenatal exercises and stretches. It saves from the awkwardness of clumsy movements as you grow bigger. But you can do that only on a doctor’s advice, and in case of any problem, having someone close by is always welcome.

10: – Does Whatever She Wants To Do It

Does whatever she wants to do it

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When one has lived in the pregnancy zone for some months, it becomes immaterial what and how she does things. Being irrational, childish, demanding or clumsy, all is part and parcel of this experience, and everyone around her knows it. So, it’s the time to go on, not giving a dime about the world of suggestions and the old wives’ tales.

The world of a pregnant lady seems to be very much a blend of all above. Apart from these private musings, the rock-solid support of family and friends brightens her each day and makes her ready for the big day!


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