10 Common Mistakes Moms Do in Third Trimester

10 Common Mistakes Moms Do in Third Trimester 1

Motherhood, although exhausting, still is an overwhelming experience. From the day a mother gets to know about her pregnancy, she becomes conscious but due to lack of awareness, she inadvertently tends to make mistakes. The inexperienced mothers are more prone to do tasks that should be avoided.ย 

Theย third trimesterย is a really vulnerable period for any expecting mother which should be spent with a lot of cautiousness. Some common mistakes that women do are listed below.

Blunders expecting mother does during pregnancy

1. Less Body Movementย 

pregnancy inactive

There is no denying that being pregnant is an extremely tiring job, especially when a mother reaches in third-trimester phase. That does not mean that a motherโ€™s body needs complete rest. Taking small breaks makes complete sense but unless the doctor suggests, a woman should not consider being on complete bed rest as an option. It can make a motherโ€™s body stiff, can develop blood clots, and can slow down the growth of the baby.ย 

But this does not imply that a mother should do rigorous exercises. Indulging in mildย exercises such as walking, yoga, and actively doing household chores is sufficient.ย Remember, the tiny human inside you wonโ€™t get harm with your small movements.

2. Unnecessary Travellingย 

train travel during pregnancy

When it comes to travel by pregnant women, doctors do not say a complete โ€œnoโ€, unless you have complications in your pregnancy. During a medical condition that can get aggravated by flying or going on a long trip, traveling should, no doubt, be avoided. Some soon-to-be-moms feel monotonous at home and to get rid of the boredom they want to travel. But remember, better safe than sorry!

If in case of emergencies any mother is required to travel, they must get out of theย vehicle and take a small walk or stretch their body to ensure the requisite movement inย the body. In emergency scenarios, Doctors recommend pregnant ladies to travel by
plane instead of going by road transportation when they are serving around 32 to 34ย weeks of pregnancy.

3. Not getting enough sleep

sleep during pregnancy

A trend of women working till the last days of their pregnancy can be seen nowadays, There is nothing wrong with that, but the problem arises when they do not take adequate sleep and remain busy throughout the day. A pregnant woman has the responsibility of two lives at once, their bodies work harder during these days.ย ย Aย ย sound sleep of between seven and eight hours is mandatory for an expecting mom.

A womenโ€™s hormones fluctuate a lot while she is pregnant. Lack of sleep can make herย moody and does not allow her body to get rejuvenated easily. Thus, this aspect should beย taken care of more than anything.

4. The wrong sleeping pattern

pregnancy don't

Basically, it is a matter of feeling comfortable in a sleeping position during pregnancy. But sleeping on the left is an โ€œidealโ€ state while pregnancy.ย During the third trimester, an expectant mother can use a pillow to give support to the growing belly. Cushions can be stuck behind the back to experience proper comfort. Alternatively, you can keep a pillow between your knees to keep the spine aligned.ย Sleeping on the back, however, should be avoided. During pregnancy, the uterus isย heavier, and laying on the back can create a restriction of blood flow to the uterus andย the baby inside can remain oxygen-deprived which is not at all good.

5. Inadequate Diet

first trimester diet

To keep the baby healthy, a mother needs to eat sufficient calories. If a mother remainsย hungry, her baby starves too.

Some pregnant women try to avoid eating extra due to being weight conscious orย sometimes due to not feeling the urge of eating healthy and well-balanced food.ย But they should keep in mind that the short-term pregnancy time is very significant forย their child as the child forms his organs in this duration. Lack of nutritious food can leadย to any deficiency in the babyโ€™s body. Women can get their body-shape back, but wouldย the child be able to regain what he lost during his formative months?

6. Holding the bladder

frequent urination in pregnancy

During pregnancy, the frequency of going to washrooms increases, and most women get tired of it, But the worst thing you would do to your body and to your unborn baby is holding your urine. If pregnant mothers do not pee when required, it will allow urinary tract infection into their body making the situation more difficult for them.ย 

7. Assuming Google as a Doctor

10 Common Mistakes Moms Do in Third Trimester 2


Not everything you read on google is true! As far as pregnancy is concerned, you type one question on google search engine and it will appear with a lot ofย doโ€™s and donโ€™ts. We are not telling you to not believe it, but doing everything according to googleโ€™s results can get you into trouble.

8. Not making their body resistant against flu season


When a woman is pregnant, her immune system gets a little weak and she can catch any flu easily. Antiviral medications help their body to lower the chances of their body contracting any kind of seasonal infection. They should bear in mind that the vaccine is not supposed to do any harm to their body and to their baby too.

9. Not following what doctor say

pregnant doctor

We know that doctors are really strict when it comes to pregnancy and they expect you to follow each and everything to keep you and your baby safe. Therefore, pregnant women should make sure that they do not go against the doctorโ€™s advice ever. Each pregnancy is different and only the doctor knows better than anyone else.

10. Not wearing the suitable footwear

During the third phase of pregnancy, a mother is bound to feel extra wait on the belly that causes imbalance. Pregnant women must put on the right fit and comfortable footwear so that any chances of mishappenings can be eliminated.



A womenโ€™s hormones fluctuate a lot while she is pregnant. Avoiding some required stepsย ย can make her moody and does not allow her body to get rejuvenated easily. Thus, the above-written aspects should be taken care of more than anything.ย 


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